Why More Companies Should Leverage Video Content

As the world moves further and further from the initial outbreak of the pandemic, our clients are seeing a return to their traditional marketing mixes. These more traditional channel mixes are now a hybrid of their pre-pandemic plans and the overused "new normal" marketing mixes.

One change that has been prominent in the digital world of marketing is video. More than ever, video content, and channels that include video are involved in the marketing mixPerhaps most strikingly, HubSpot found that 87% of marketers say video gives them a positive ROI -- a world away from the lowly 33% who felt that way in 2015.

Here are more exciting video marketing stats and trends observed across our client's data and the industry at large:

Key Industry Observations

Google to Prioritize YouTube Revenue

Alphabet, the holding company over Google, YouTube and numerous other companies, is likely to put focus on YouTube following Q1 earnings.

Back in April when the conglomerate released their Q1 2022 earnings report, a notable miss for the quarter was YouTube ad revenue. As reported by Bloomberg:

“YouTube generated ad revenue of $6.87 billion, compared with analysts’ average estimate of $7.4 billion”.

As a result, the search community has suspected that Google will prioritize YouTube revenue by encouraging advertising with agencies and customers.

Large Spike in Video Consumption

Recent trends have shown the surge in videos sparked by the pandemic.

According to a recent eMarketer report, social media consumption increased by +45% year-over-year during 2020 when the pandemic began. In addition to the overall consumption increase, video content is projected by eMarketer to be more than half of US adults’ daily social media time.

In addition to YouTube, TikTok has become a top social platform (outperforming both YouTube and YouTube TV), furthering the need for strong video assets in today's modern marketing mix.

The Impact on Seer’s Clients

Increased Organic Search Coverage

YouTube has seen increases in organic search coverage across multiple clients and industries.

  • For a manufacturing client, YouTube is the top organic search competitor with over 50% page 1 keyword coverage, a +15% increase from October 2021 to April 2022. 
  • One of our healthcare clients saw YouTube’s page 1 keyword coverage increase by +94%. This increase happened despite a -64% decrease in video carousel SERP features with more YouTube videos appearing in answer boxes and PAA (People Also Ask) answer results.
  • For one of our Ecommerce clients, YouTube had the 3rd highest page 1 visibility for search terms that drove at least 1 conversion over the last year. Additionally, PAA questions were the top SERP feature in the Ecommerce search landscape.

How to Leverage Video Marketing

With the prominence of video increasing, creating simple video assets can lead to success in a number of channels.

Optimize YouTube Videos

YouTube videos that are well-optimized can drive views and forward traffic to your website through video descriptions. Additionally, YouTube offers the ability to advertise through preroll ads for exposure and marketing purposes.

Use Embedded Videos

Videos can be embedded into your website to offer additional information to users in a format that may be more conducive for certain subjects (such as “how to” content). These videos can also serve as actions when tracked in Google Analytics or another platform properly to measure video and user engagement.

Invest in Social Media

Aside from YouTube -- Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms provide opportunities for both organic and paid. These are additional ways to market to users and drive additional traffic to the site. To learn more about creating engaging social campaigns that break through to target audiences, watch our webinar: “Level Up Your Social Strategy with Data-Driven Design“.

In Conclusion

In addition to Google prioritizing video content in the SERPS, video content is quickly becoming one of the most popular mediums of content consumed. Companies have the opportunity to create cohesive video strategies to reach their audience across a wide range of channels and platforms.

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Joshua Vermette
Joshua Vermette
Sr. Manager, Strategy & Analytics