Whatever You Do, Put Billboards in Seattle – Getting Brand Awareness Data from Google | Robin Lord

Key Takeaway: In his presentation, "Whatever You Do, Put Billboards in Seattle – Getting Brand Awareness Data from Google", Robin Lord stresses the impact brand awareness has on SEOs. He walks through tactics to get the most out of Google’s data to gain special insight into city- and product-level brand awareness. By leveraging Google Trends, Adwords, and census data you’ll get deeper insights into how your brand is resonating with consumers.

Google Tools to Define Brand Awareness

Attribution isn’t taking into account offline events or there are lags in tracking brand awareness which causes the funnel to erode. 

Remember brands are more than just one thing, statements like “you have bad branding in Japan” are just too broad. 

The data we need to understand a company’s brand awareness is brand interest data but self reported data like surveys can be expensive, untrustworthy, and time consuming.

The data we leverage must be able to be compared against competitors and get granular, and tools that report by country when brands are global.

Google Trends

Robin recommends leveraging Google Trends data at the country level to analyze regions and their percent of brand awareness. 

After identifying target regions using Google Trends, leverage census data to understand the target market in that region.

💡 Pro tip: On top of looking at MSV by city, use census data to calculate searches per capita and look at birth rates to pinpoint target audiences by age. 

Google Ads

Use Google Ads for city-level, product-level data along with census and Google Trends data. 

Ex. Anthropolie & J Crew have similar brand interest on Google Trends. Anthropologie beats out J Crew in the plus size category with PR and J Crew’s lack of plus size pages causing J Crew to lose traffic. 

If J Crew created a category page for their plus size clothing and linked to the home page, this lift becomes a brand statement. J Crew could then  leverage outreach, social, SEO, and PPC to promote the plus size category in specific cities where brand awareness is lower than Anthropologie.

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