What We Are Reading About Content Right Now

Sometimes I feel like it's Content's world, and we're just living in it.

I had similar relationship with Data last year. At first, it just seemed to be a word that everyone was saying over and over. . .and over. And then I started hearing things about how data is the future, and data is my eyes and not my brain, and data is the new oil, and data is beautiful, and by the end of the year, the Wall Street Journal was telling me that I had just lived through the year of Big Data. I was convinced. But, I was also confused.

It was really hard to understand what the data conversation was all about ad midst all the hype. Maybe it's my solipsistic view of things, but I felt I needed to connect with data on a personal level in order to really understand it. I tried reading up on data science and following the stories about those who were doing new and profound things with data, but the river of articles and stories were too much to keep up with. Eventually I resigned myself to accepting that my personal relationship with data will always be defined by the fact that he was my favorite Goonie.

Data from the Goonies

These days it's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the wave of blog posts, articles, and headlines that are declaring that content is becoming the be all-and end all of digital marketing. For many of us, this is not a new thing. Content and content strategy should have always been a top priority for your digital marketing plans. However, as this content conversation continues to get louder, it will be harder to keep up and clear out the clutter.

So, we've decided to help.

Each month, we will be sharing a few of our favorite articles and blog posts that we've been reading about content and content strategy. Below are a few of my favorites from this month, with a few suggestions from the rest of the SEER team. We've tried to provide reads that we think will be engaging to you, whether you are a newbie to the world of content, or consider yourself a guru. We hope you enjoy.

5 Must-Know Things About Content Strategists

Rusty Weston - Fast Company

Being a content strategist is a great job--one that large organizations definitely need. But get ready: It’s not for wallflowers.

The Top 7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

Jayson DeMers - Forbes

In 2014, businesses will need to increase their investment in content marketing. As a result, roadblocks to creating and executing content marketing strategies will continue to decline as CEOs and decision-makers more fully understand the importance of content marketing to reaching their business goals.

10 Steps to Creating a Mobile-Optimized Content Marketing Strategy

Jayson DeMers - Forbes

A smart mobile strategy extends beyond design to content development as well. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know to develop the right mobile-optimized content marketing strategy for your business.

Make Your Marketing More Loveable -- Before Customers Leave It

David Brown - AdAge

Content marketing is in serious danger of becoming ineffective. On TV, in print, via mobile device and across social networks, brands are creating more content than ever before. Consumers don't mind dipping their toes into the relevant and valuable stuff, but they're beginning to drown in a world of repetitive, generic and boring content. Every additional drop of irrelevant content risks turning off consumers on the whole, essentially stopping up the whole faucet.

How To Improve Your Paid Content Promotion Efforts, Measurement, and Reporting

Andrew Meyer & Brandon Wensing - SEER

Overall, we wanted to test the impact paid content promotion had on assets that we had previously launched and to measure the impact of this traffic on the high-level goals of each client.

Don't Silo Me, Bro: Integrating Content Strategy Across Disciplines

Adria Saracino - Distilled

A “content strategy” cannot and should not fit neatly into any one “marketing discipline” bucket. Rather it needs the support of other channels, such as social, email, advertising, and CRO. Unfortunately, our natural tendency to need defined boundaries makes it difficult for marketers to think of content strategy beyond a defined silo.

The Magic of Graphic Recording: Turning Live Talks Into Visual Content

Mark Sherbin - Content Marketing Institute

Pictures, videos, and infographics are all testaments to the power of visual learning. Graphic recording takes visual content to a new level, combining words and images in a fun format that people really relate to.

We'd love to know what you've been reading about content marketing and content strategy, share your recent picks in the comments below.


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