Using Facebook Custom Audiences For Untapped Social Remarketing

As remarketing continues to grow, advertisers are beginning to see more and more unique ways to re-engage their target market. One such option is Facebook’s Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allows advertisers to enter email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDS, app user IDs, and IDFAs (Identifier for Advertising) into Facebook. If there is a match, a user will be included within this audience. Privacy is protected, as advertisers don’t know which users matched, only the number of users that matched.

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Not only does this method enable you to have a second chance with users within your target market, it also doesn’t require a heavy financial investment, large audience size (although Facebook recommends an audience of 1K or more), or lost control over optimizations as many other remarketing initiatives do.

When I tested Custom Audiences for one of my clients, I saw around a 30-40% match rate. I’d anticipate this number to be lower with other Custom Audience options, especially phone numbers, as most Facebook users don’t share personal information.

While it’s impossible to do a direct comparison to interest & location (targeted ads just on location, no interests were included) based campaigns, I was very happy with the results I saw from my custom audience campaigns:

• Custom audiences saw the highest CTR (0.08%), when compared with my interest based campaign (0.05%) and location based campaign (0.04%.)

• While custom audiences didn’t see the highest number of page likes, they did see the lowest cost per page like at $8 (versus $71 for Interest, & $60 for Location) and highest page like conversion rate (14% versus 2% for both Interest & Location based campaigns.)

• Custom Audiences were also heavily engaged via ad likes, shares, and comments. We saw an engagement rate of 76%. While this is lower than what I saw for both Interest (81%) and Location (92%) I feel that engagement skewed higher for Interest & Location because of their audience size.

Overall, I’m very happy we ran this test and have already begun brainstorming various other ways to test Custom Audiences & the newly introduced Lookalike Audiences.

Have you tested either of these, what results have you seen? Leave a comment below and let us know!



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