Top 11 Reasons to Work at SEER Interactive

I've been at SEER for just over 2 years now, and it's been an eye-opening and rewarding experience so far. We are currently looking for an SEO account manager, PPC account manager, an office assistant and interns, so I thought now would be a great time to tell why you should work here - from the perspective of a current employee :)

Since making lists are fun and easy, I'm going with a Top 11 (why not?).

1. Wil Reynolds

He's the guy who started this place, and the foundation of our core beliefs - work hard for your clients and coworkers. Wil truly wants what's best for everyone he works with and encounters. He constantly pushes us to do our best and leads by example - an overall great guy!

2. Super fun, super smart coworkers

We're a group of young professionals who know how to work hard and have fun along the way. We are competitive, analytical and team-oriented. We want to beat competitors, and each other for that matter, dig in to find the best answer possible, and have each others' backs when someone needs help. When we put our party hats on, you'll find us playing kickball, drinking margaritas at happy hour, going bowling and much, much more.

3. Great clients

Because we work hard to deliver great results, we attract really good clients. Ian Lurie devised a pretty reasonable list on how to rank the potential of incoming clients. Our clients have low scores on the PMI (Potential Misery Index) Scale.

4. Charity work encouraged and supported

In case you missed it, we're big on charity work. There is a group of us going to the Ronald McDonald House to prepare dinner next week, we just did a walk to raise money for Water for Waslala and in a couple of weeks we'll be running in a 5k to raise money for United Cerebral Palsy (and of course win the corporate plaque). SEER also sets aside money each month to donate to a team member's charity. If you believe in your cause, so does SEER.

5. Phillies games/concerts/adventures

We have a season ticket package to the Phillies (bestteaminthecountry), we go to concerts (I've seen Citizen Cope/OAR and Lauryn Hill) and there is usually some adventure waiting for us - like our trip to Great Adventure last summer.

6. Bonuses

If you're killing it, you will get at least one random bonus within the year. It's a nice, unexpected treat, and you won't even see it coming. It all goes back to reason number 1 on the list.

7. Writing on walls

So our walls and columns are set up to be written on. If you have an idea you need to hash out or remember, throw it up on the wall. Bonus - a bunch of us ride our bike to work too; save some flow and the environment!

8. Great office

We have a pretty cool space, with lots of crazy colors. There's also free parking (take that Center City), great restaurants and bars, our favorite sandwich spot - Palm Tree Market and pizza place - Rustica (just ask OMS and Mark about their Sicilian pizza).

9. Free will to make decisions

I was reading a TechCrunch article on how an employee doesn't even have a phone to make the calls she needs to make the company money (passed along by a former, and very missed, SEER member - JoAnne). While reading this I thought to myself, "This would NEVER happen at SEER." Why you ask? Because if we need something to do our job, especially the basics, we have every right to research the best ways to make it happen and get it done. If something is holding you back, figure out a way to move forward with the right tools.

10. Innovation encouraged

Not only do we work hard to kill it for our clients, we strive to be on the forefront of research and bringing new ideas to life. SEER employees have full reign to develop, test and implement new ideas and theories. If you find a new tool you think will help clients and/or improve processes internally, you should test it. You'll have SEER's backing for any necessary funds.

11. Surprise drinks/lunch on the boss

Every now and then we get an extra treat from the company (read: Wil Reynolds). As we grow these treats don't occur as frequently, but when they do, they are fun. Mr. Wil Reynolds introduced me to the "Dirty Girl Scout" - get your head out of the gutter, it's a shot - a very tasty shot - and then he bought this shot for a bunch of us. On another very cold, snowy day in Philly, a bunch of us braved the the white, fluffy stuff and we were treated to sushi for lunch - yum!

Can you live up to and understand what most of this list talks about? You'll fit right in here if you do. So fill out an application and take advantage of all the great opportunities SEER offers. You won't be sad you did.

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