Tearing Up Your 2020 Plan, Q&A: Why is Being a Generalist Important During Uncertain Times?

Why is Being a Generalist Important During Uncertain Times?

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Industry Changes

Back in 2014, when Google made the decision to block keyword data from PPC campaigns (not provided), the digital marketing industry went nuts trying to find ways to bring it back. 

No paid marketer was ever like “guys, we have it all”. 

In order to be a smart PPC specialist, you've got to have a basic knowledge of SEO and search intent. No different for SEOs, which is why we encourage our SEO team to be certified in Google Ads. 

Job Security

I think it can be valuable to be a Generalist, especially during times of job insecurity.

In order to be a good marketer you need to have a general understanding of how different platforms work and how they work together. 

[At Seer] we have different divisions that are getting hit in different ways -- some are growing, some are slowing down. People who stay siloed in their role and can't transfer their skills over to growing divisions can be at risk. 

[That's why we've had people stepping up from all directions]. For example, Erin Simmons, our Marketing Lead, offered up her Google Analytics chops during a time we needed those skills.

Thinking About The Future

It’s important for people to try and "future proof" their own risk in their careers.

Sometimes it's helpful to try to be general enough that you can shift between two different areas that the companies you might want to work at, may be likely to have roles for.

Generalists will know how to write a good piece of content, optimize it, advertise it, and report on its performance. Compare that to having a writer, SEO manager, PPC manager, and data analyst [to own specific parts of the process].

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Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
CEO & Vice President