Tearing Up Your 2020 Plan, Q&A: Which Digital Marketing Channels Will Be Utilized Most?

Which Digital Marketing Channels Will Be Utilized Most?

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Short Answer? Organic Search.

Most companies will shift from paying for a large portion of their traffic to tasking many organic efforts in-house (read: content, email, video, etc.) to gain traffic organically.

💡 Tip #1 -- Cut Paid Budget

Identify current channels to pause or cut budget for without immediate loss in sales (or short term risk) to allocate to organic channels

💡 Tip #2 -- Brands as Publishers

Demand Gen through content series such as podcasts, webinar and video series -- check out our new video series, Wasteful Wednesday

What we saw in 2007-2009, was a move from: I'm paying for all my traffic to: how can I get some for free?
Rand Fishkin

💡 Tip #3 -- Buy Out Competitors Content

With Amazon cutting affiliate revenue, check what domains are outranking you with affiliate links to own that content.

💡 Tip #4 -- Conversion Rate Optimization

With Google giving less value to organic, and more to paid, you’re losing visibility.

If you’re receiving less traffic from your organic strategies, identify opportunities to meet your current users' needs to convert. 

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