Tearing Up Your 2020 Plan, Q&A: What is the Value of Power BI for Data Viz?

What is the Value of Power BI for Data Visualization?

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Power BI is a Microsoft tool that allows you to connect to and visualize any data using the unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) that’s easy to use and helps you gain deeper data insight.

Why Use Power BI

  • Free vs. Tableau which starts around $70/month
  • Easy and fast insights to extract from large data sets
  • Blended data relationships

When Google Data Studio first launched you were not able to bring together an SEO data set and a PPC data set. As a result, Seer began analyzing data using Power BI. Power BI allows you to quickly find answers to your hypotheses in one tool vs. using multiple tools to look at different data.

I'm a speed junkie so the whole reason why I bring this data together is so I don't have to go into like eight different tools and look at different things and have to scroll through pages. I'm shocked at how slow the internet is.

The value is in me finding the insights as fast as humanly possible.

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Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
CEO & Vice President