Writer's Block? Fret No More. Ubersuggest & Tag Crowd Are Here.

Sometimes it can be difficult to consistently come up with great content ideas -- both for guest posting but also for on-page optimization. The below process will help you find new ideas -- whether you’re new to an industry, or are a veteran -- to both get links from guest posts but also create a rich content that can help improve rankings.

We're going to use Google Suggest, and Tag Crowd to find some excellent content ideas -- a technique pioneered by Mr. Wil Reynolds. Like most things in SEO, let’s first start with Google.

Go to, and use the search query: how to [INSERT TOPIC]. For example, you would use the query: how to travel . This will bring up suggestions people have search for around how to travel.

In this example, we don’t have too much helpful information to start with. “How to travel around the world,” “how to travel abroad for free,” aren't really groundbreaking. Once we begin finishing out our query with a, b, c, etc, we can see Google suggesting a lot of great content ideas. For instance, “how to travel by train in Europe” could be a great guest blog post on a travel site.

Going through the alphabet (e.g. “how to travel a,” “how to travel b”) in Google Suggest can be daunting and incredibly time consuming. This is where can come in handy. It will use your query and go through the alphabet just like we have been doing in the above and will give all results on one page.

Now begin scrolling down the page and as you can see, there are some really interesting ideas. For instance, “how to travel for free volunteer.” This could be a great blog post or on-page content about how to volunteer and travel abroad for free. Include some programs such as the Peace Corp and you have an excellent, informative post that people are searching for.

Another great example is “how to travel gluten free.” To diversify your backlink profile, you could use this content idea to guest post on food blogs.

Going through all of the ideas can also be daunting. So let’s extract the main themes around how to travel. Select the txt button below the search box on and click the suggest button:

This will download all of the results into a .txt file. Copy the results from the .txt file and go to and paste all of the Google Suggest ideas into text box.

Click “Visualize” and you’ll see all of the most commonly used words:

This will give you some insight into travel trends and what people are searching for around travel. As we can see, “cheap” is very popular. So we can go back to and drill down on what people are searching for around cheap:

What I would encourage you to do is if you’re pursuing a  guest blog post linking strategy or optimizing pages on your site, go through the above process and see what comes up. Again, often times when we have been in an industry for a long time or are new to it, we sometimes have writer's block.

The above process should help bring some fresh ideas to the surface to help you build out rich on-page content to rank better while also being a resource for guest blog post content.

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Ethan Lyon
Ethan Lyon
Director, Innovation