Snapchat Launches Back-to-School Resource Center

Snapchat Provides Insights Into Back-to-School Season for Marketers

Snapchat’s new Back-to-School resource center provides trend and platform stats, as well as insights and case studies, for marketers to prepare their BTS strategies.

Check out the breakdown below of some of these Back-to-School resources that brands can leverage across Snapchat, to penetrate the market at every stage of the shopping journey this upcoming school year.

90% of Snapchat Users in the US are Students

Snapchat is the world's 13th most-used social media platform, providing marketers an expansive channel to connect with their audiences. Just within the U.S. alone, there are 101.4M Snapchat users. 90% of these users are students ages 13 to 24 and 23M are parents

Continue on to the Back-to-School resource center for additional stats and recommendations. 

Source: Snapchat for Business

It’s Vital for Brands to Stay on Top of These Trends

It’s crucial that brands keep up with the latest trends on social media in order to stay relevant and relatable to their audiences. Check out these Snapchat trends below to see if any can be of value to your BTS strategy:

  • 5G Fueling Ecommerce: AR is evolving with the greater speed & capacity of 5G -- providing new ways for consumers to interact with brands
  • Demand for Transparency: Shoppers' purchase decisions are heavily influenced by the transparency and values of businesses
  • Health and Wellness: It’s expected that back-to-school shopping will include products that support mental and physical health
  • Tech-Driven Health: These products resolve technology's impact on health, such as blue light glasses, fitness watches, app reminders to get outside, etc.
  • Social Currency: The knowledge and interest in all things current culture is how new connections are made on Snapchat
  • Flex Culture: The Snapchat community uses the platform to share who they are, and that includes the brands and products they use

Source: Snapchat for Business

It can be easy to get stuck in a creative brainstorming process. Escape the rut by checking out these BTS resource center success stories to see how brands drove strong lift in ad awareness and purchase intent on Snapchat. 

  1. Walmart - multi-ad product approach with Shoppable AR and Audience Filters
  2. Johnson & Johnson - full-funnel strategy utilizing Snap Ads and Commercials
  3. Champs Sports - multi-product promotion through Shoppable AR, Snap and Dynamic Ads

Unsure if Snapchat is the Right Space to Reach Your Audience?

Duane Brown, Founder & Head of Strategy @ Take Some Risk presented, Snap Ads: Learn Why Its Every DTC Brands Secret Weapon For Growth at last year's Seerfest 2020: Worldwide virtual event.

One thing that we all learned from his talk was we are not our audience -- often, they're going to use platforms we don't.

💡 Check out these resources to help make your decision: 


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