SEO Links from Affiliate Summit 2009 Presentation

Update here are the slides for the SEO Tools Presentation:

Hey everyone, thanks for the kind comments about my session today. I have put the links below:

Google Insights - This is the tool you will use to find those rising searches I was speaking about. It also has seemed at times to be more accurate / up to date than Google Trends. Here are the daily trends, remember RSS and iGoogle folks sign up for these so you are being proactively alerted to trends, ok?

Remember that neat-o Excel Plugin I was showing you as I researched dog breeds by gender? Keep in mind to look for high degrees of disparity between male and female before you take this data to the bank.

We talked about detecting online intent with research vs. commercial based searches, MSN has a tool to help, here is the online commercial intention tool. They have a bunch of other sem / seo tools as well, go get busy kids! My favorite is the search funnels.

Remember that great linkbuilding with Twitter starts with placing yourself in a position to actually get stimuli every day form twitter, search twitter every time you search google with this script for Greasemonky. (link no longer active)

While we're on Greasemonkey remember how my Google Analytics looked showing the rising keyword trends? Here is the tool I referenced. There's also a firefox plugin as well.

Sorry this is subscriber only, but the SEOmoz Visualization tool is here, lets beg rand to make it free.

I know I ran through hubfinder, but please trust me, it is worth learning how it works. The paid version is part of Arron Wall's SEO Book membership.

Wordtracker labs was the keyword research tool that is a firefox plugin to use to do keyword research while you are writing blogs, its a neat one too.

Remember everything I read that I like is on delicious, it gets updated daily.

Here's a video on how to use delicious for linkbuilding from last ASE.

I know I ran through SEO Quake but here's a tutorial on it.

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