How SEER's Ranking Reports Are Different

Take five minutes and learn how SEER's ranking reports are different with our video demo:

- They're online – which means you can access them anywhere, anytime! Home or office, 9am with your coffee or with your midnight snack. And they're easy to share with your colleagues – you don't have to send a report file around the office!

- Easily see each keyword's recent trend by color-coded arrows indicating the previous month's position on Google, MSN, or Yahoo! While there are ebbs and flows to search, the arrows help because a quick glance can usually indicate whether things are looking good or perhaps if something is not right.

- A graphical representation of each keyword's historical ranking by search engine appears by mousing over the term's current ranking. How much has a term improved since the beginning of a campaign? Did a term fall a few spots or a lot? Was it trending downward or did it fall off quickly? These graphs easily allow you to answer these questions.

- An aggregated graph of all your terms historical trends for rankings on page 1, 2, and 3 of each search engine is generated with a click of the mouse. This way you can readily get a clear picture of the health and direction of your SEO campaign.

- You no longer have to look keywords up one by one in the search engines to see where your company ranks. More importantly, our rankings are checked automatically, we upload them to our ranking manager, and the graphs and other features are generated instantly. This saves us time – which means we can focus less on putting reports together, and more on getting you rankings, leads, and sales, thus improving your return on investment!

So, if you have 4-5 minutes, check the video demo out!

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