SEER Open Sources Everything!

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Yes, you read that correctly! We're open sourcing all of our SEO tools.

Made for marketers, not programmers.

If you can't program, that's OK. If you can use a spreadsheet you're all set. There's no code involved here. It's all in one big spreadsheet so you should feel at home.

Yes, it's not exactly Excel, but the beauty is that people with no programming skills can use it or modify existing templates others have made. That really brings the barrier to entry down.

Everything is in one place.

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Google Analytics, SEOmoz,

  • Majestic SEO,
  • Twitter,
  • Raven,
  • Klout,
  • Google scraper,
  • Data cleansing tools,
  • Array / Range manipulation tools,
  • (even more hidden [read: undocumented] stuff ... in the source code!)

Spend less time pulling data, more time analyzing.

-spreadsheet -mashup -charting

Since everything is already in one place and it's a spreadsheet you'll spend less time pulling data from all over the Internet and more time analyzing it. Do what you're good at! Let the computer do the rest.

Battle tested by Seer since 2011

We've been using this thing since late 2011. We've used it to make client reports, dashboards, doing some quick analysis on a bunch of URLs, sorting through lists of stuff, you name it. That's why we called it the "toolbox."  When one member of a team comes up with something, we can share it with the rest of the team.  Now everyone can use it or modify it to their own needs.

Thank you.

This is my last blog post for SEER Interactive. It's been a lot of fun writing code for Seer. Follow me on Twitter, @iamchrisle and my personal blog

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