Seer Dogs Get to Work

It’s been a few months since our 2018 Dogs of Seer calendars made their way into homes and offices across the country, and we wanted to provide you with an update of our successful first year (as well as let you enjoy more adorable doggy photos).

  • 14 dogs featured in 2018 calendar
  • 173 calendars sold/given to clients
  • $1,330 raised for our animal shelters
  • Percent of cuteness: 100%


Cookie Calendars

Cookie, a Dogs of Seer alum, posing with our calendars last year

SEER Sunny 7 of 9

Although Seer has a casual dress code, Sunny sometimes likes to be a bit more formal

Want to bring your dog to work? Okay!

Seer is looking to grow our team on both coasts! We are hiring for a variety of skill levels in PPC, SEO, and Analytics in both San Diego and Philadelphia. Thanks to our dog-friendly office policy, you never need to worry about leaving him or her alone or finding a sitter! Plus who doesn’t love a good doggy break in the work day?

Now, just like our job candidates, our dogs do have to be fully vetted. That means dogs that are properly vaccinated, friendly towards people (and other dogs) and have the ability to behave in an indoor setting (aka potty trained).



Peanut, another Dogs of Seer alum, likes to always remain focused on KPI goals

New places for our doggos to roam

In 2017, Seer embarked on a major undertaking for our San Diego office: Moving from a small workspace on Front Street to reserving the first office space in the new IDEA1 building. Like, literally our employees were there during construction.

Since then, our office has come along nicely...

And our beloved companions seem to be enjoying it too. #KingLouie

Other perks of working at and with Seer:

No, this is not a dream. Yes, we are hiring.

From internships to full-time positions to part-time remote work (yes, one of our SEO team members works from around the world), Seer works with team members to find the work setting most conducive to success.

Now, we’ll be hard at work over the next couple of months creating our 2019 Dogs of Seer calendar. In the meantime, check out our available positions and then maybe you can bring your dog into work with you too.

Learn more about our local animal shelters:


Saved Me Adoption Center

San Diego

San Diego Humane Society

Puerto Rico

The Sato Project

We decided to make a contribution to The Sato Project following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Check out more photos of dogs around our offices on Instagram with the hashtag #dogsofseer.

Photo Credits: Steve Eng from Umbrella Photography(Philadelphia) and Ryan VanValin (San Diego)

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