Reach New Audiences with Paid Social Campaigns This Holiday Season

The holidays may or may not be a busy season for you depending on your industry, but one thing is for certain, it’s a good time of year to check in on your audiences that you’re targeting and determine if you can reach new audiences. One key way to reach new audiences is on social media platforms as that’s where targeting users is really important to your strategy.

If your client is an ecomm brand, you will have geared up your spending for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but did you think about expanding your target audiences during that time period? There are some key ways to think about broadening your reach to potential new customers.

Analyze your current audiences

The first step in figuring out how to reach new audiences is to see who you’re currently targeting and determine how you can expand upon that. This is assuming that you’ve already done audience research and know who your audience is, as once you know that there are ways to build on your existing audiences. Take a look at who you’re targeting on social and which audiences are best performing for you, then follow the following steps.

Increase your lookalike audience sizes on Facebook

If on Facebook your top-performing audience is a lookalike audience based on one of your remarketing lists, then determine if you can increase the size of your lookalike audience from 1% to 2% or 3%. This will allow you to easily reach more people that are predicted to be similar to that seed audience (your existing customers). By increasing the lookalike percentage you’re able to reach even more people that may be interested in your products or services.

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Turn on audience expansion

On platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, there are options to expand your audience beyond those you have selected to target. Consider this when targeting narrow audiences such as job titles on either platform. Since there can be so many different variations of job titles, it’s hard to include all of them in your audience, so by enabling audience expansion, you’re able to reach people with similar job titles in your targeting. This is of course used mostly when your goal is a more upper-funnel approach, and you’re trying to bring new audiences into the fold, but it can be used with any campaign objective.

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Branch out to target new persona audiences

If you’re already running an acquisition campaign in which you’re targeting persona audiences, consider if you’re reaching every persona that aligns with your ideal customer. There may be different subsets of your persona audiences that you may not be reaching.

For example, say you’re targeting people interested in sports, but you also want to target people interested in playing sports. In this case, you could target users who are interested in sports and narrow the audience to people also interested in physical exercise. Then you will be reaching a subset of the larger sports persona.

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Go forth and implement these new audience updates

Now that you know a few ways to expand your target audience this holiday season, you can go and update your social media advertising campaigns.

Our hope is that your acquisition campaigns will see strong growth from expanding your target audience through these tactics. However, once you have implemented these new audiences, come back and let us know how they performed!

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