3 Tips for Optimizing eCommerce Copy

Writing copy for eCommerce can be tough. Chances are there are a ton of pages to optimize and limited space to write in. So how can you make the most of this opportunity to both bring potential customers to your site and get them to buy once they’re there?

Here are 3 tips to get you started on writing better eCommerce copy to boost your conversions:

1. Mine Your Paid Search Data

As you may know, at Seer, we’re huge fans of using PPC data to find SEO opportunities. This can be incredibly useful when it comes to optimizing on-page copy for eCommerce websites too! Simply grab a search query report from Google Ads and start filtering by your target keywords for the page.

You’ll likely find there’s a ton of long-tail keyword opportunity that users are searching for and converting on the paid side but that you might not be optimizing for in your on-page copy.

Seeing users convert on a bunch of size-related keywords? Maybe add a section to your copy talking about the sizes of the product that are available.

Are users converting on color modifiers? Make sure you’re talking about the colors of the products you have in stock.

💡Optimizing your on-page copy in this way will help you boost rankings for longer-tail queries and bring more traffic to your page that you know converts!💡

2. Give Your Users Everything They Need to Know

Great! So you’ve got your potential customer to your page with your fancy new long-tail keyword optimizations - now what? This is your chance to tell them exactly why they should buy what you’re selling.

What problems might your customer have that your product is going to help solve? Are there any new features that differentiate your product from others out there on the market? What factors should your customer be considering as they looking to buy? Think of yourself as a temporary guide helping your customer make the right decision.

Talk to your product and merchandising team to find out exactly what it is that makes this product worth purchasing. If you don’t know and aren’t communicating it on the page, how will your customer know what they’re missing out on if they don’t convert?

💡This is your chance to convince your product is worth buying - don’t hold back in showing the value behind exactly what they’ll get from making the purchase.💡

3. Check Out Those Reviews

Though you might think they’re painful to look at, your customer reviews can be a great source of data and insights to improve your on-page copy. If you don’t have many reviews, chat logs and customer service call logs can also point the way to more convincing content.

Are there questions or complaints that are consistently coming up? Maybe your clothing product runs smaller than users were expecting or potential customers are asking questions about a particular feature and how it works. Make sure your copy answers those questions - both your customer service team and your conversions will thank you!

💡Ensuring your eCommerce copy addresses any potential pain points goes a long way to ensuring users stay on the page, are reassured about any apprehensions they might have, and ultimately moving them toward converting.💡

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