October’s Google Analytics Blog Insights to Grow Your Business

Here’s your summary of what happened over on the Google Analytics blog and analytics in general in October, and how you, and your team, can take advantage of these developments.

    1.       AdWords dynamic remarketing now available to advertisers across all verticals.

The Gist: In June of 2013,AdWords rolled out dynamic remarketing to all clients that had a Google Merchant Center (retailers) account. Now it is being rolled out to all verticals of business.

Your Action Items: Consider adding dynamic remarketing to your ongoing marketing efforts. Google reported that “Beta clients across multiple verticals reported a 2x increase in conversion rates and 60% reduction in CPA.”.

  1.       Three Improvements to Google Tag Manager making it more accessible and powerful.

The Gist: Google added three new features to Google Tag Manager to make it easier to use without sacrificing power. The additions are; the introduction of the Google Tag Manager API , more coverage for 3rd-party tags, and a more intuitive interface. The new interface adds instant search and autocomplete that can help you find anything in your Google Tag Manager containers.

Your Action Items: Utilize the new Google Tag Manager API to tailor GTM to your needs. Use the extended list of 3rd party tags to make tag creation easier and with less mistakes. Utilize the new instant search, autocomplete and updated workflow to increase efficiency.

  1.       Online Retailers: The Secret to Seasonal Success in 2014

The Gist: Google gives data backed advice and insight to conquer the 2014 holiday season. As it turns out the highest transaction days are NOT connected to the days with the most sessions to sites, so be cautious in using this metric.

Another great post, via the Adwords blog, details the Black Friday bonanza and outlines how users use YouTube to shop.

Your Action Items: The holiday season is an event that begins in November leading up to Black Friday, and doesn’t end until a few days after Christmas. Use the lift in transactions you are receiving to guide the multiple at which you should increase your bids to stay competitive in advertising during the busiest days of the year.

  1.       DAA SF Presents ‘Getting Data Right: Optimizing Performance Using Quantitative & Qualitative Practices’ 

DAA logo - OCT GA Blog update photo courtesy of:

The Gist: The San Francisco DAA chapter is holding their annual symposium on November 13th. The theme is: “Getting Data Right: Optimizing Performance Using Quantitative & Qualitative Practices”.

The event will feature presentations from:

  •         Sarah Cho, Survey Monkey
  •         Jason Conrad, Foresee
  •         Joe Megibow, Chief Digital Officer, American Eagle
  •         Krista Seiden, Analytics Advocate, Google
  •         Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics
  •         Rahul Todkar, Intuit
  •         Jimmy Wong, LinkedIn
  •         Ryan Zander, Sport Vision

Your Action Items: If you are in the San Francisco area, check the Symposium out! SEER loved the Philadelphia Symposium!



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James Corr
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