What You Need to Know About the New Google Expanded Text Ad Format

Google’s UI isn’t the only thing that’s changing - Google is now expanding their text ads to include 3 headlines AND an extra description line, and we’re not mad about it.

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Currently, Google allows 2 headlines at 30 characters each, with 1 description line at 80 characters for an expanded text ad. At the end of August, however, Google will start rolling out a new format where advertisers will be able to include an extra headline and description line. The description lines will also have a maximum character limit of 90 characters, instead of 80.


This format has been available for a few months within responsive search ads. While Google is working on improving responsive search ads across languages, they wanted to extend the opportunity to have the extra headline and description line to regular text ads.

The 3rd headline has also been around for quite some time now, but that was taken up by the display URL. With this change, you can now replace that URL with something more meaningful to your business.


What does this change mean for you?

This is the biggest change to text ads since Google went from standard text ads to expanded text ads back in 2016. With this change, comes key opportunities and advantages:

  1. Increase CTR

    Across the digital advertising community, the overall consensus is that expanded text ads have a slightly higher click through rate than standard text ads. This change could further increase CTRs since advertisers will be able to provide even more information to entice users to click on their ads.

  2. Take Up More Space

    3 headlines and 2 description lines will allow your ads to take up more space on the SERP. Owning more real estate with what you’re offering will make it even more important to get that number one spot in the results.

  3. Test Messaging

    This update could also help you test more messaging within your ads. You will be able to test more variations against each other to see what types of messaging resonates best with users.

Once this feature is available across all accounts, we will start testing and follow up with results! Until then, sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on all things Seer.


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