Mastering PPC: Make The Case For Mobile PPC

Mobile internet usage will outnumber desktop internet usage as early as 2014. While having a mobile PPC presence isn't the best strategy for everyone, it is critical to see if it can be incorporated into your advertising mix. If mobile doesn't fit your paid search strategy, perhaps you are in a regulated industry or have a long conversion form that can't be shortened, I would recommend reducing your enhanced campaign bid modifiers to -100%, i.e. of opting out of mobile. The enhanced migration on 7.22 will force advertisers into mobile if you don't specify otherwise.


It's great that you are considering going mobile or gomoing, as Google would call it. This is where the market is going.

• Google's case studies here are impressive. • As points out in this awesome mobile infographic, in 2011 mobile was only 14% of all search queries. By Christmas 2012, that rose to nearly 35% and is still growing • Google notes 75% of mobile searches trigger follow up actions, indicating that mobile searches drive valuable outcomes. • My college Harris also points out some great smartphone advertising myths, in his blog here.

Mobile conversion opportunities are also numerous. Click to Call is a great way to track phone calls. App Extensions are great for promoting your company's mobile app. Location extensions can promote in-store visits and provide driving directions. Google's mobile testing can help you make sure your site is ready to track mobile online conversions.

Mobile bidding opportunities also changed recently with enhanced campaigns. Enhanced campaigns allow you to set mobile bid adjustments which influence your ad position, clicks & cost on mobile devices. Google's has provided good instructions on how to calculate mobile bid adjustments:


Don't forget that Google isn't your only option when you want to expand into mobile. Bing has a ton of great mobile features features too!

We'd love to hear about your mobile PPC experiences below. Please feel free to share your thoughts, tips & tricks with us below.

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