Making a Difference: SEER Gives Back

If you've been following SEER for a little while now, browse our Twitter page or spent five minutes with a team member, you probably know how important it is to us to give back to the community. Our team spent over 1,000 hours volunteering in 2013 and we have a blast doing it.

team-members-volunteering-at-the-ronald-mcdonald-house The SEER and Moz teams cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House

So how did SEER get so focused on the idea of giving back?

It all started with Wil, who at a previous job, asked if he could work through lunch and leave early to volunteer. But his employer said no. Where would we be without these non-profit organizations in our local communities? This is (partly) how SEER was born. Volunteering as a company not only gives back but also is a great team building activity that allows you to grow and bond as a company. It also doesn't hurt to get out of the busy office for awhile too!

Our team is involved with local organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Street Tails Animal Rescue, and William Way to name a few. If you are someone who wants to get your company involved but are stuck on ideas, we have cooked hot meals, built a playground, ran 5ks, cleaned up beaches, rappelled off a building (all in the name of cancer research), given blood, walked dogs, collected food, taught young ladies about how cool it is to get involved in the tech field, and the list seriously goes on and on.

The possibilities are endless and no matter what you like there is an organization for you.

SEER has recently given back as a company by organizing digital marketing events at the Search Church to raise money for various charities. The speakers chose their favorite charities and all ticket sales were donated to them!

Learning a thing or two about digital marketing + donating money to where it is needed most = win for all. If you’re bummed you missed these events don’t fret, we’ll have another one coming in the next few months!

How can you get your company involved in giving back too? Here are some tips:

1. Speak up!

Talk to your supervisor, office manager, or HR director about getting a volunteer group together at your company.

2. Reach out!

Start Googling. Look for organizations in your area and call them to see if there are opportunities available for your team to participate as a group.

3. Ask your teammates!

It is very possible one of your teammates has connections with a local non-profit already. Piece of cake.

4. Offer up your own skills!

Some team members here use their digital marketing skills to help local organizations. Using your skills may seem effortless to you but you could make a world of difference for them! If you are a baking connoisseur, something as simple as taking cookies to your local fire department would be greatly appreciated.

5. Donate items you no longer need!

If all else doesn’t work out, there is probably something in your home you could donate. Have an old computer, too many clothes, or extra furniture sitting in your basement? I’m sure your teammates do too. There is always a charity who could take these items off your hands and find a new, loving home for them.

Coming up, we have team members preparing meals at MANNA and running the Back on My Feet 5 Miler. Just a few more examples of ways for your team to not only give back, but have the opportunity to grow as a company. Win for the teammates, win for the company, and above all win for the community!


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