If you get happy when others fail – you lose NOT THEM!

Non-SEO related post coming...

So while writing a different blog post I got inspired to write another one...

Look at this video of Blendtec blenders

At about 1:37 the Blendtech CEO Tom Dickson experiences some problems blending a RAKE! Notice someone in the crowd says GET THIS UP ON YouTube TODAY, you gotta get [XYZ's laptop now]…this is [not understandable but sounded like great or crazy].”

Everyone strive to NEVER be this GUY in life. NEVER! If you are you will fail.

A blender that is made to chop fruit, onions, ice, and make drinks that give us morning headaches and the CEO is willing to stick a wooden rake in it and it blends 85% of the rake before it jams, thats pretty successful, my blender has a hard time with frozen fruit.

A hater is thinking GET THIS UP ON YouTube! When they should be thinking:

  • This blender has devoured 85% of a rake BEFORE it jammed, I am never going to stick a rake in my blender, this is an amazing product.
  • How can I someday build something that is as remarkable
  • Instead the idea is get this up on YouTube? Really? Are you kidding me?

    Well I bet no one is paying you to keynote are they?

    I bet you don't have as much fun at your job as the CEO Tom Dickson – he gets to blend Chuck Norris's enemies at his job…I can't get paid to do that!

    Haters will produce videos of one time when this product devoured only 85% of a rake, that is NOT a failure to me, given how the product is used in the real world. It's not that he recorded it, but it the excitement I hear in this haters voice that he got a YouTube video out of it.

    Here's my advice to everyone, build something that is so great that people pay you to speak about it, that's remarkable, then you won't have time to record videos of other great people's miscues and occasional failures. Your 2 minutes and 44 seconds of fame are over…Tom's are continuing – he just keynoted at Pubcon a few months ago. Blend that!

    People doing great things out there, practice for the haters, so that when someone disrupts you or thrives on your miscues you are prepared. I was pretty prepared here, every time I look at this video I don't know how I was cool enough under pressure to not trip and stumble over my words - when I got grilled, I am not sure that Jason is hating here so much as he's trying to ask useful questions, but I felt a twinge of "I'm going to expose you on stage" in the line of questions.

    I expose people all the time, but only when they are doing something blatantly wrong or giving bad advice that will hurt someone's SEO efforts, so I think there are times to expose people - but getting excited at the opportunity to disprove someone just for the sake of discrediting them is whack! Happy Friday!

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    Wil Reynolds
    Wil Reynolds
    CEO & Vice President