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On October 18th, Google announced the Beta release of Website Optimizer, a new tool allowing for multivariate landing page testing that is easily controlled – and more importantly, analyzed – by AdWords advertisers. In essence, you take your landing page from your pay per click campaign – and using tagging (instead of redesigning multiple versions of the same page), you can create an experiment testing the effect that different parts of the site (titles, copy, pictures, etc) have on the conversion rate for your customers. The key – like all things Google, it's free!

To me, forget the custom search feature that Google just announced – Website Optimizer is Google's most recent tool that, once released to the general public, could single-handedly turn a company around. Here's why.

Website Optimizer is about maximizing conversions – in plain terms that means getting more customers to go through your lead or checkout process – and hey, who doesn't want more customers! The custom search tool, that's nice; it makes searches more relevant on your site, it might help people find what they're looking for more easily, yes, I know. But, let's talk about what everyone really wants to know – RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

If your company is going to invest in a pay per click campaign, wouldn't you like to get the most leads and sales out of it?

Wouldn't you like to know if your landing pages are connecting with your customers?

Don't you want to be able to get as many customers as you can from that PPC investment? Google's Website Optimizer definitely has the promise for companies as a tool to maximize ROI.

The additional reasons why Website Optimizer is great:

- It's perfect for any size company – small or large.

- You don't need a huge budget for redesigning or designing multiple versions of landing pages. To start – all you need is one good landing page!

- You don't need to be a tech-savvy designer that knows how to program all sorts of changes to your landing page – or have one on staff.

- You don't have to have an analytics tool – you can use Google Analytics for tracking and reporting.

To find out more about Website Optimizer, Google has a great audio slideshow. The Beta version is currently being offered to AdWords Advertisers on a limited basis.   SEER Interactive is signed up for the Beta version, pending approval -- stay tuned!

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