Google i/o '13 Is Live Streaming More Presentations! Here's 7 for Marketers to Watch

google io

Google i/o is not just for coders anymore!

Us marketers can gain some knowledge too!


Google i/o is Google’s big yearly developer conference and it's happening next week (May 15-17 in San Francisco).

This year it seems like they included some interesting ones that I believe the marketing industry would get some use out of.

Below are the presentations that Google is going to be live streaming that marketers should try and watch.

Leveraging YouTube to Grow Your Business

May 16, 5:20PM - 6:00PM PDT Link to live stream

Google says:

Learn some tips and tricks on how your business can use the world's second largest search engine to help with marketing, product support, fundraising and customer acquisition. The session will share key insights on understanding YouTube's audience and learning how to use all of the site's tools to build a channel that sticks.

Why its good for marketers:

You will get actionable advice and insights straight from the horses mouth. There will also be tons of tips on video marketing that will be beneficial since there is SO much content added everyday. “For every video with a million views, there are a million videos with one view.” - Tosh.0 offices

A More Awesome Web: Features You've Always Wanted

May 15, 2:45PM - 3:25PM PDT Link to live stream

Google Description:

This session will cover the bleeding-edge features of HTML5 that you may have missed, focusing on features that make developers' lives easier and apps more powerful.

Why its good for marketers:

Watch this to not only build HTML5 but to get inspiration think of awesome ideas that I can use it for. Google always makes amazing content pieces that use HTML5 so lets see what they think is the next big thing.

G+ and Search: How to Enhance Your Brand Queries on Google

May 15, 3:50PM - 4:30PM PDT Link to live stream

Google Description:

Google will walk you through a series of techniques you can use to make your app and content shine on Google! Using these techniques you can connect more directly with new and existing users on Google Search.

Why its good for marketers:

That’s kinda what we do right?

Optimize Web and Mobile Apps, Across Devices, Using Google Analytics

May 16, 1:40PM - 2:20PM PDT Link to live stream

Google Description:

Google Analytics recently launched Universal Analytics, a new way to measure user interactions across any device / platform / environment. By measuring this data, developers can better optimize their applications. In this session we'll discuss how how to measure user-interaction from any device as well as demo new reports and best practices to optimize both web and mobile apps.

Why its good for marketers:

Learn how to optimize your web properties by using Google Analytics... by the people who build Google Analytics, and basically own the internet.

Automating Performance Best Practices with PageSpeed

May 15, 5:30PM - 6:10PM PDT Link to live stream

Google Description:

Come learn about the Google PageSpeed family: (a) Insights products to help identify performance problems (through browser extensions, online, and API). (b) Automagic optimization: open-source Apache and Nginx PageSpeed plugins that can optimize your site for you. See hands on examples, stats and case studies from partners (AOL, and few others). (c) PageSpeed Service: explanation of the Google hosted web optimization product. See examples of advanced integrations with other Google products (e.g. App Engine, A/B testing with Google Analytics, etc). (d) Chrome data compression: an under the hood look at how Chrome leverages pagespeed to optimize pages on the fly and provides up to 50% bandwidth improvement for mobile browsers!

Why its good for marketers:

This is probably going to be a pretty technical presentation. But we know that PageSpeed is a ranking factor so if I have to sit through some way-over-my-head coding to get an idea of how they keep tweaking it I’ll do it! Also when Google says “examples, stats, and case studies” I tend to listen.

Fireside Chat with the Google+ Platform Team

May 16, 10:00AM - 11:00AM PDT Link to live stream

Google Description:

Got a burning question about the Google+ platform? Come meet the team and have your questions answered directly from the people behind the Google+ platform. Dig into the technology and have your voice heard.

Why its good for marketers:

This will probably be pretty technical but it will give you insights on Google+ which we know is here to stay and a part of search!

7 Techmakers and a Microphone

May 15, 5:30PM - 6:10PM PDT Link to live stream

3/7 are search based big-wigs and all women.

Google Description:

(I bolded the search people) Megan Smith (VP, Google[x]) will emcee a series of TED talk style segments from Susan Wojcicki (SVP, Ads), Anna Patterson (VP, Knowledge), Johanna Wright (VP, Search and Mobile), Kathy Kleiman (Founder of the ENIAC Programmers Project), Jean Wang (Staff Hardware Engineer, Glass), and Diane Greene (Board of Directors, Google). They’ll share their insights, learnings, and “ah ha!” moments from being technical leaders inside innovative companies. Presented by Women Techmakers.

Why its good for marketers:

Why wouldn't you want to hear from some key people that work on Google’s Search & Ads?

Remember, Google is an engineering company and can’t get past backing up everything with data so their insights and marketing recommendations will have some good data behind them.

There are a ton more that are more technical and code based since it is a developer conference. See all the rest here: Google i/o Conference Full Schedule


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