Global Warming: Five Rules to Position Your SEO Company for Success

While there are numerous posts about surviving as an SEO in a downturn economy, I think these are a bit late. Last week, wrote about changes in search and Patricia Skinner wrote about customers not paying for completed SEO work. These articles along, constant industry changes, and a weak economy got me thinking about the businesses that will flourish during global warming and those that will not be able to pay. Here are my rules.

Rule #1: Stay away from beach realty clients. They will not be able to pay when their market is underwater. You may not agree, but I'm going to miss New Jersey.

With that said, when sea waters rise inches, feet, meters, miles, you know that there will be a bounty of one thing in this world.

Rule #2: Find turbine energy clients. Voith Siemens Hydro and American Hydro are two turbine manufacturing/refurbishing companies in the US. Something has to be done with all the melted glaciers, why not create clean energy? Voith is also animal friendly and created "fish pockets" for their turbines. Fish survive as they pass. Everyone wins.

As more water covers the earth, more heat will be absorbed. There will be an increase in the greenhouse effect and an increase in temperatures.

Rule #3: Find a pharma company manufacturing a pill that decreases sweating and pitch pitch pitch. No secret that we (me) sweat. Add 5 degrees to normal seasonal temperatures and you now have a client with enough money to build a floating air conditioned office and more importantly, enough money to pay your company.

Glaciers will melt. What happens to whatever lived on those glaciers and ice sheets?

Rule #4: Sign on multiple zoos & aquariums. Conflict of interest or not, all of the polar bears, penguins, and Eskimos will have to be saved and put somewhere for us to view.

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

Rule #5: Water filtration companies will be huge for governments and personal use. “Brita Ballpark” has a nice ring to it.

Hot List: Turbine Power, Zoos & Aquariums, Boats, Pharma companies, Water Filtration, Swim Lessons.

Not List: Beachfront Realty, Pools, New Jersey, Kelly Osborn.

Have some better rules? Comment them below.

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Adam Melson
Adam Melson
Assoc. Director, Business Strategy