The Funniest, Most Ridiculous Search Queries in 2015

The end of every year is generally a time for reflection and resolutions. We vow to do better, be better, and make changes! Managing PPC search campaigns is no exception. So while you are thinking back and looking ahead to 2016, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite (and by favorite, I mean funniest, strangest and most ridiculous) search queries of the year.

Enjoy this list of queries that scales all industries, numerous products and endless searches. And let this be a reminder to you.... no matter how buttoned-up your account may be, you should never stop utilizing one of searches most impactful and under-rated reports, the search query report.

Seeking Love & Attraction


  • Finding a old man to love
  • How to find your soulmate without losing your soul
  • How to make women i work with more attracted to me
  • Couples that drink together stay together
  • Who sell the sexiest prescription glasses for men
  • How to attract boys to make them love us
  • How to attract high quality man
  • Scent to attract women
  • The fastest pheromones to attract and seduce women


cool water-rev-01

  • Can you purchase a spigot to make a keg out of a pumpkin?
  • I have a lot of pictures my grandson drew and i want to make a collage pls help with ideas
  • How to make paintings at home by a small child about 13 year old

Finding The Perfect Gift


  • Customize a small neon bar sign for xmas for the boyfriends man cave where do i go
  • What is best gift for police officer
  • Man's gift to say im sorry
  • Great gifts for men that can be shared with his wife
  • Coffee mug that looks like a toilet

Starting a Successful Christmas

cream puff-rev-01

  • Starting a baby onesie business and where can i buy onesies in bulk
  • Business that you can start for under 500 dollars in new york
  • I want to start my own business but don t know what kind

Tips to Look Your Best


  • Sexy looking glasses for old people
  • Who sell the sexiest prescription glasses for men

Technology Advice


  • Pull up cheaters telephone number
  • It has been three hours since i started windows 10 upgrade it is only 5% done
  • My two year old child has changed my pasdcode on my nokia phone how can i unlock it since i don t know the code
  • Neurotransmitter for psychic ability long distance
  • I think my boyfriend is cheating how can i see his facebook messages i dont know his password i have his email address

Searching for Entertainment

pimp monkey pictures-01

  • Event looking for christian rappers 2015 in philadelphia
  • Sex questions game for married couples
  • Finally a wine glass that fits my needs
  • Wine glasses that hold a bottle of wine

Now, get in that account of yours and see what kind of queries you can uncover and don’t forget to negate them! Share some of the funniest search queries you can find within your own accounts in the comments below!


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