How to Fix Google Chrome’s Serious Security Issue in 1 Minute

The Problem:

As reported by Forbes contributor on Cyber-security, David Winder - Google confirmed a serious Chrome Security problem that needs any Chrome user's immediate attention.

The 1-Minute Solution:

1. Copy this into your browser: chrome://settings/help

2. Ensure it says you're running version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build)

3. If not, hit "relaunch" and Chrome should go fetch and update your browser automatically*

*Note for all you tab hoarders: it should re-open all your windows and tabs, but bookmark anything you don't want to lose just in case 😬.

More Details:

Because the bug presents a security risk - Google is locking down details until most users have updated their browser with the fixed version.

Unconfirmed by Google, but experts digging in landed on this being a potentially pretty intrusive threat: 

"The potential is there for exploits to be crafted that could enable an attacker to remotely run arbitrary code (a remote code execution attack) whilst escaping the browser's built-in sandbox protection" David Winder, Forbes, Google Confirms Serious Chrome Security Problem - Here's How to Fix It (Follow him on Twitter)

Justin Schuh who leads Google Chrome's Security gave us an ASAP PSA on Twitter as well:

We suggest following these folks for the latest updates:

  • David Winder, Cyber-Security Contributor at Forbes, @happygeek
  • Justin Schuh, Principal Engineer & Director on Chrome Security & Desktop at Google Chrome , @justinschuh
  • Catalin Cimpanu, Security Reporter at ZDNet, @campuscodi


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Erin Simmons
Erin Simmons
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