Fireside Chat Recap: Q&A with Rand Fishkin and Wil Reynolds

On-Demand Webinar: Is SEO Declining in Value?


In this Q&A, Rand and Wil discuss the impact of social media and AI-generated content on SEO, as well as how content marketers, strategists, and creators can decipher this landscape without sacrificing the human touch that people, and Google, are looking for.

Key Takeaways

Leverage your SEO Data for Other Channels (and Vice Versa)


Don't silo your insights: Combine and integrate search data to other channels like social media to learn more about your audience.

You Can't Beat Google's AI Machines

Don't say goodbye to your content team: Create thoughtful, opinionated content that answers your customer's questions.

"If you can write AI content that engages visitors and ranks well, you should do it. But you have a short lifespan because Google will do it better."

—Rand Fishkin @ SparkToro

It's Not Marketer's Jobs' to Predict the Future


Adapt but stick to what you know: Develop and pivot your strategy and channels based on current data and consumer insights.




Rand Fishkin
Co-Founder @ SparkToro



Wil Reynolds
Founder, VP of Innovation @ Seer Interactive

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