Find Wasted Spend in Your Amazon Ads

Are You Wasting Spend on Amazon?

Amazon Ads are a great way to increase sales for your products, however, when not managed correctly they can waste spend. You work hard for your money, don’t let Amazon waste it on keywords that are not going to turn into sales. 

Perform a Search Query Analysis

Amazon has made it easier to see what search terms your ads are showing up for. Prior to 2020, you could only review search terms by pulling a report. However, you can now navigate to your ad group and select “Search terms” to see which keywords are triggering your ad. 

While this option is now available, we recommend downloading the report for faster analysis in bulk. The Search term section is great for spot-checking performance and ad hoc reporting.

To download a full search term report navigate to Reports > Create Report > Select Campaign type (we recommend downloading a search term report for all three campaign types). If this is the first time you’re performing a search query analysis, pull the data for as far back as Amazon allows. If you’re performing this on a regular basis (recommended!), pull the report from the last day pulled to the latest date.

Any time you see an asterisk (*) in the targeting column, that means an automatic campaign triggered that keyword to show. 

Focus on the customer search term section to see which keywords are triggering your ads and find keywords for negation. And of course, we recommend taking this data one step further by using n-grams to find themes to negate so you don’t have to wait for a keyword to pop-up before negating it. 

Negate Keywords To Stop Wasted Spend

Once you have a list of keywords you’d like to negate, add the negatives in at the campaign level. If you’re running multiple campaigns for the same products (automatic and manual), remember to negate across both campaigns. If your products are similar to each other and you run multiple automatic campaigns, we also recommend adding the negatives to those campaigns as well as a proactive measure.

Take a Closer Look at Your Campaigns

Even if a campaign appears to be giving you a great return, there’s always an opportunity to save money and reallocate spend to keywords that are converting. Make checking your search terms a habit so that you can negate keywords wasting your spend and cutting into your margins. 

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