How The Beatles Can HELP! You Find a New Agency

Help! The Beatles Help!


I bet you never thought the inspiration you need when it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency could come from The Beatles.

There are a lot of great posts out there offering advice on how to choose the right agency, but most, if not all, only focus on things like service offerings, pricing structures, agency fees, client portfolios, etc. What about the agency’s talent? The team you work with can make or break your success in the online marketing space.

This is where The Beatles come in. The team you choose to work with should have the right mix of “Johns,” “Pauls,” “Georges,” and “Ringos” if you want to beat your competitors, exceed your business goals, and break sales records.


John Lennon

In the digital marketing world, think about the natural born thought leaders we have out there like Wil Reynolds and Rand Fishkin. These are the “Johns” in our industry. They’re passionate about RCS and challenging the status quo; “Johns” are out there continually coming up with the big ideas that drive innovation and change.

A true front man and visionary, a “John” is probably how you first heard about his agency.You’ll often find him quoted in publications or on stage at MozCon, SMX or SES challenging the crowd to think about digital in a whole new way. You say you want a revolution?

The right mix: Every agency should have at least one “John.” If you have too many, you risk too many big ideas and not enough resources for execution. There’s also a good chance you may receive acorns instead of your monthly report (if you understand this reference, we should talk!).

"PAUL" Paul McCartney

These guys will likely be your main point of contact. “Pauls” are personable, charming, and will probably take you out to dinner or an event VIP style.

“Pauls” are also full of big ideas; put them in brainstorm sessions with “Johns” and not a single one of your competitors will stand a chance in the SERPs. This dynamic duo compliments each other’s strengths and weaknesses to create perfect harmony.

A Paul really shines by rallying the team and getting down to business with a sharp attention to detail. He knows how to execute, and is the driving force behind the team making sure work gets done and meets the highest of standards.

The right mix: Depending on the overall size of the team, you may need 1 or 2 “Pauls.” Any more than that and you may find some unhappy employees that are working eight days a week, which means high turnover for your account. Does anyone really like having a new team to work with every few months?


George Harrison

Don’t underestimate the power of a George. He may appear to be in the shadows of “John” and “Paul,” but is very much an essential member in the team’s success. “Georges” are likely the mid-level employees, such as account managers. They have a good understanding of strategies and what it takes to win, and they keep working hard behind the scenes until they’re busting out amazing work of the While My Guitar Gently Weeps variety (kaizen, anyone?).

While “Johns” and “Pauls” may not always listen, “Georges” never lack the determination to make their voices heard if they have an idea they feel will benefit your digital campaigns and bottom line. There’s something in the way a “George” is personally invested in your success that feeds this determination in him.

The right mix: The majority of the team should be a “George.”


Ringo Starr

“Johns,” “Pauls,” and “Georges” get by with a little help from their “Ringos.” He may be the newer guy on the team, but you can bet he’s every bit as fab. He’s reliable, and keeps the beat of an agency pulsing day in and day out by supporting his teammates on deliverables, campaign management and more.

A “Ringo” also has a keen eye on how to improve the overall rhythm of the team he works with and often knows what you want before you even have to ask. He’s also versatile with a knack for taking any curveballs you throw at him and running with them.

The right mix: As with “Georges,” you’ll want a large part of the team you work with to be comprised of “Ringos.”

You’ll see a lot of “Paul” during the RFP process and may even get a glimpse of “John” if he’s not out changing the digital world. But, remember: choosing an agency shouldn’t only be about fees, “John’s” big ideas or “Paul’s” charm. Take the time to ask about the “Georges” and the “Ringos” that you’ll be working with, too. With the right ratio of these four key players, things will just be getting better all the time.

(PS: Happy birthday, Ringo!)

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