Using Google Analytics to Build Your Content Strategy: Chris Berkley

Using Google Analytics to Build Your Content Strategy

How do you glean information that’s actionable without having to develop custom Google Analytics reporting?  Check out this informative webinar hosted by our friends at WP Engine.

You’ll Learn:

  • Definition of common Google Analytics metrics
  • What the metrics mean, why they matter and how to use them
  • How to effectively use categories and tags for WordPress posts
  • How to integrate Google Analytics reporting into existing workflows
  • How to apply the data to improve your content strategy?
  • How to operationalize Google Analytics data for WordPress

Webinar Now Available for On-Demand Viewing

Don’t worry if you missed it! We gotcha covered.  Head over to WP Engine and register to view the recorded webinar.

The Deets

Join in to hear Seer’s SEO Manager, Chris Berkley, alongside WP Engine’s Sr. Product Manager, Caroline Gorman

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When: October 4, 2017 @  11AM CDT / 12PM EDT / 9AM PDT
Where: Wherever you’re comfiest — webinar!
Who: Chris Berkley

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