How to Prioritize Your SEO Work With PPC Data

Does your list of SEO opportunities feel daunting? Not sure what activity is going to have the most impact? Why not let the data decide…



Christina Blake
Sr. Data Strategy Manager

Will Reynolds Headshot Photo

Wil Reynolds
Founder & VP of Innovation


This two hour webinar is for the CMO, Marketing Director, or Team Lead who understands the value of SEO ⁠— but isn’t quite sure which strategies to test or prioritize. Christina Blake and Wil Reynolds walk you through how to integrate your SEO and PPC data in Power BI to prioritize your SEO work for the highest impact.

What We Covered

 How to identify optimizations and quick wins
SEO x PPC scatterplot analysis
How to discover where you rank for converting search terms
Opportunities to defend – both within striking distance & unrealized potential
Big data SEO Competitive Analysis
How to discover who is ranking for search terms you convert on and why
How to identify opportunities for advertising on ranking domains

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