Creating Magic Everyday: How Seer Project Managers Work

As a Seer Project Manager, I think about Disneyworld on at least a weekly basis.

When I was in the first grade, my family took our first big road trip - from Chicago to Disneyworld in Florida. Disney as a 6-year-old is basically paradise. My sister and I went on every ride, bothered every costumed cast member, and ate enough cotton candy that our mother could be classified as a saint for dealing with our sugar rushes. Disney is a park full of ~30,000 kids daily,  just like us and causing trouble.

In this recipe for chaos, the park manages to create an experience which feels safe, fun, and effortless (through a lot of effort).

At Seer, my job is to make our clients feel the same way.

That isn’t to say that we can make work feel like a trip to Disney (or that you can expect any of our team members to be wearing Mickey Mouse ears on your next call), but it does mean that when you have a project manager on your account, you have a person who is dedicated to finding ways to make your agency experience feel effortless.

We put the "effort" in "effortlessness" through a few different prongs:

  • Streamlined Workload Management
  • Customized Process Improvement
  • Risk Management

3 Ways Project Managers Add Value

Streamlined Workflow Management

Probably the bulk of our time on any account, our project managers dedicate their energy to keeping systems running. We turn requests and conversations into actionable workflows, ensure that the right team members are staffed to the right tasks, and handle prioritization to manage deadlines that are most relevant to you.

We act as a conductor for the team, avoiding issues before they even surface, to help you have the smoothest experience possible. It shows in our numbers too.

At Seer, accounts with PM have up to a 50% increase in output, and a 20% faster delivery speed.

Customized Process Improvement

Your needs are unique. When I onboard an account, my priority is identifying inefficiencies which are specific to the client’s experience.

That might mean an opportunity for status calls to be run more efficiently, or give you back time from unnecessary meetings, or build forms and processes which give you back time in your day.

We’re focused on helping your agency experience continue to improve - from little differences to big overhauls.

Risk Management

Not to belabor the metaphor - but there are a lot of risks at an amusement park. Rides coming off the wheels, missing kids, and unexpectedly long lines can most assuredly threaten to ruin a great time ...

Project Managers are champions of risk mitigation and management. Our job is to plan for the worst, and avoid it. If your team has a risk, maybe an unexpected emergency that you need Seer to jump in on, or a last-minute pivot to your marketing strategy - it’s your PM that will steady the ship, and identify ways to tackle change and ensure continuity and quality of service throughout.

Through all of this, we’re here to make your experience with Seer that little bit more effortless, effective - and maybe even a little magical.

If you’re ready for your digital marketing dreams to come true, talk to us about integrating project management into your workflow at Seer.

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