Content Posts We Loved In March

With so many blog posts flooding our industry day after day, it can feel exhausting just trying to keep up with what's new and important.

Enter SEER's content round-up, where we share a few articles that we've actually read, enjoyed, and think are important for you to read, too.

1. Press Publish 2: Karen McGrane on building a strategy for mobile

Joshua Benton, Nieman Lab

This is a great podcast with UX designer and content strategist, Karen McGrane, who recently published Content Strategy for Mobile. With mobile accounting for an ever-growing percentage of total web traffic, McGrane provides some great insights on how to structure your content, and emphasizes how the need to be agile with your content development is becoming increasingly crucial.

2. Introducing The Advanced Guide to Content Promotion

Matt Gratt and Stephanie Beadell, BuzzStream

Excellent guide to stepping up connections between your content and your audience. "If you’re willing to go beyond what most marketers do, you can get results that most marketers don’t get." And shout out to a former SEER employee making some seriously awesome stuff (hey, Steph!).

3. Content Analytics for Dummies: The Metrics That Matter

Jean Spencer, Kapost

Are you tracking the metrics that will tell you how successful your content efforts are? Kapost provides the four pillars of content analytics that you should be tracking. Bonus: check out their in-depth deck that walks you through each metric (linked in post).

4. Why We’re Removing Comments on Copyblogger

Sonia Simone, Copyblogger

Copyblogger is taking the conversation over to social media. Sonia contends that if you're taking the time to create and publish a comment, it should be housed on your own personal platform, allowing you to build your own audience while interacting with an existing one. I've seen a lot of talk of blogs moving in this direction, so it's been cool to see Copyblogger take the plunge and test it out.

5. The Science of Great Digital Content Ideas

Simon Penson, The Moz Blog

Content ideation follows a process, and Simon walks us through how to best mimic that process in his step-by-step guide. Make your way to the end of the post, and you'll be rewarded with a hand-picked digital toolkit for increased efficiency at work.

6. The Problem With Your Branded Content

Matthew Bryan Beck, Ogilvy & Mather for LinkedIn Pulse

It can be so tempting to plaster your content with your logo and other branded materials. Beck provides four suggestions to make your content flow naturally in the conversations that occur with your audiences, so that people feel compelled to share, instead of forced.

What else has been on your radar this month that we might have missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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