College Students Passionate About Digital Marketing: Expand Your Knowledge As A SEER Intern

Work Hard, Play Hard

As a Boston University undergraduate entering my senior year this fall, I understand the importance of gaining internship experience to be successful in the “real world” – a looming place that my college career counselor has described as the breaker of glory-day college haze.

I hoped, like many other students, to find an engaging internship in which I could actively participate, learn from a multifaceted team, and if possible have fun. Luckily, I was able to land one of SEER’s coveted 2014 internship positions.

As a digital marketing fanatic and tech enthusiast, it was essential that I worked for a company that shared my love of the digital stratosphere. After spending several hours blog-searching and LinkedIn-creepin’ for agencies across the East Coast, I found SEER: a start-up digital marketing agency that is bustling with dynamic and hard-working individuals that have a tremendous amount of drive and passion for their work.

Adventures of a SEER Intern

You may be thinking; aren’t you getting ahead of yourself – you just started interning! Just after a few weeks here, it is evident that the SEER internship program is different and exciting; a far cry from the dull, data entry, get-some-coffee, stare at the wall internship that college students dread. To prove that I’m not just SEER starry-eyed, I’ve established over-arching objectives to better define my learning process and company experience as a SEER intern.

Internship Objectives:

Learn from SEER’s enthusiastic and innovative industry leaders 

Working alongside an ambitious and bright team are invaluable asserts in any work environment. I know all too well from nightmare group projects that having strong team members is crucial to success.

Expand my digital marketing knowledge

As an intern, I have the chance to conduct relevant marketing research. During the college semester, it’s almost impossible to set aside time from studying to fully update myself on marketing trends featured outside of the traditional textbook. I plan to take advantage - in the best possible way - of the numerous resources SEER offers.

Gain hands-on experience by partaking in client projects

SEER works with amazing clients – as an intern, I have the chance to partake in client projects across a variety of different industries such as e-commerce, travel, fashion, and health. I also will be able to observe the team process from pitching an exciting new idea to presenting closing results using analytics and hard data. SEER also enables me to explore all of its dynamic functions: SEO, PPC, and Analytics.

Gain confidence in pursuing a career after college

As a rising senior, the thought of life-after-graduation can be a bit terrifying. At the end of my internship I don’t plan on mapping out my entire career path, but I do hope to formulate a solid foundation for a future job. At SEER, I’m confident that I have the tools to help me confidently discover what digital marketing specialty I wish to pursue.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

With 10 weeks left as a SEER intern, I’m wrapping up my first rotation with the SEO division and looking forward to learning more about PPC and Analytics in the upcoming weeks. Check back later this summer for new updates about my continuing adventures as a SEER intern. If you have any questions tweet at me @lauramckane4.


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