Buying links for SEO lift & the risks of penalties w/ Jason Calacanis asking questions

Hey Folks - At the last Affiliate Summit I had the pleasure of having a web business heavyweight in on my session. For those of you that know Jason Calacanis, he is a baller in the web business space and is famous for the SEO is BS comment that set the SEO Industry ablaze. If you are interested in finding out more, here's a link (to google results).

As you all know SEO is something I just love being a part of and in this presentation, I gave my honest gut feedback on how to do linking the right way, and how to prime the pump if you have to with paid links...lets be honest a submission to Yahoo Directory or Best of the web is a paid listing too. I don't mean blatant spam sites, I mean just paying for links in general. Jason took it as an opportunity to ask some questions, I wish they were more substantive cause the audience would have gotten more value out some more substantive questions, but here's the video on my thoughts about how to manage paid links, evaluate your competitors use of them, and see if you even need to. To watch the video with my annotations in it go here instead of watching it below, when you embed it does not include annotations.

I also need your feedback, I spent some time annotating these videos because I talk fast and through out a lot of URLs, if you'd like me to go back and annotate more videos, please comment on our youtube channel or here on our blog - and I'll start adding annotation of URLs and free SEO tools in the ones that get the most requests.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Jason for at least sitting down and asking some questions - it helped me actually be better prepared for future shows. Jason and I spoke after the show and assuming he was genuine about it - he was a totally cool dude who I think is sick of spammers, but then again aren't we all!

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Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
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