Bounce Rate Analysis for SEO

This past Affiliate Summit I had the pleasure of speaking on many SEO factors, this time I discussed evaluating bounce rates, and how to get more from your SEO campaign without increasing rankings.

Some keywords unfortunately tank well on pages that you do not wish they pulled rankings for (like a homepage), this is expecially big in e-commerce or large publisher sites.

At SEER we are marrying bounce rate and ranking data to help us find keywords that are ranking well but are bouncing highly. This is why its got to be able more than rankings.

Later in the video, I even mention a GREAT use of a scraper that can tell you when you are NOT price competitive, watch the end of the video to get an idea on why not being price competitive in large scale e-commerce can lead to great rankings but poor conversions.

Who would think that you can get better SEO revenues without even moving the ranking one bit?

A few weeks ago Laura wrote about bounce rates versus exit rates, even if you think you know what bounce rates are, read this just to make sure, because I had it wrong.

E-commerce SEO's read this post on the long tail, the next part (which I am late on) will be heavily focused on e-commerce SEO.

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Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
CEO & Vice President