Boost Shopping CTR with Simple Feed Optimization

Over the past two months, we have been working with clients to update their product feeds with one quick change: front-loading product titles with their brand name. For example, assuming CompanyA is our client, products like “Women’s Reversible 3-in-1 Jacket” would become “CompanyA Women’s Reversible 3-in-1 Jacket.”

In the example below, the ads have been manipulated to demonstrate the change as you can see the insertion of the brand name "Seer Interactive" into the product title in the second ad.

Seer Interactive vs Seer Paid Search

It is a quick and simple change, especially if all it takes is going into the Google Merchant Center and adjusting the product titles. Some clients, however, use third party software that pull their product feed parameters directly from their site. This may require an update to all product titles on the site which could be a bit more time consuming to implement the change.

In early January, two of my clients implemented these changes to their product feeds and the results are displayed below. Keep in mind that these updates were implemented last month so we only have a few weeks of data available to us at this point.

  Company A Company B
  NonBrand TItle Branded Title NonBrand Title Branded Title
Click-Thru Rate 1.11% 1.43% 2.21% 2.46%
+28% +11%
Conversion Rate 2.02% 3.10% 3.92% 3.55%
+53%   -9%


CompanyA Initial Finding

  • Nearly 30% lift in click-through rate
  • CompanyA's conversion rate almost increased by over 50%

CompanyB Initial Findings

  • Over 10% lift in click-through rate over just a short period of time.
  • CompanyB's conversion rate saw a slight dip which can be attributed back to several factors. This account is heavily dependent on lag conversions and the weather.

Before you jump into making this simple change, there are some factors to consider before front-loading product titles with your brand name.

  • How long is your brand name?
  • How strong is brand recognition?
  • SEO Impact of altering your product titles
  • What percentage of current shopping queries is branded?

Again, results are preliminary but here's just one quick win for improving Google Shopping campaign click-through rates. Stay tuned as we continue to collect data!



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