5 Tips for Job Transitioning Between Digital Marketing Agencies

Transitioning jobs can be a tricky process across any industry, but moving from one digital marketing agency to another comes with its own quirks. Having recently made the switch myself, I’ve learned a thing or two. Here are 5 tips for anyone leaping jobs from one digital marketing agency to another:

1. Study up on the basics.seer icon lightbulb 1

When starting a new job, the unfamiliarity of everything can be overwhelming, but getting the basics down can help smoothen the onboarding process. Here are some things that may seem uncomfortably foreign at first:

  1. The Office - Take a tour and make some rounds in the office to get yourself comfortable, especially if you’re working in a big office.
  2. The People - It can be intimidating and overwhelming, but take the time to learn the names and faces of your new agency. Start by grabbing coffee with your desk neighbors!
  3. The Lingo - Get familiar with the language used at your new agency. Getting squared on the specific lingo will take some stress off of your onboarding as you’ll be clued in on what acronyms are being used and account deliverables are being discussed.

Once you’ve got the simple stuff out of the way, you’ll have more wiggle room to enjoy the fresh environment and focus on the job you were hired to do.

2. Try to not compare.

It’s easier said than done and something that I’m working on myself, but it does not bode well to compare every single detail of your past agency to your new one. Every agency functions in their own respective way and can attribute their success to their unique methods. There is not necessarily a wrong or right culture, process, or business strategy (for the most part) for an agency.

To put things into perspective, when I first arrived at Seer I would compare things like corporate culture, company perks, office space, and so on. Upon second consideration, I had to realize that the offerings at Seer, like open office space and WFH flexibility, might not fit another agency that thrives on private workspaces and in-office activity.

Sometimes comparisons cannot be helped, but it’s best to focus on what excites you now rather than dwell on what didn’t.

3. Don’t be afraid to question processes.

That being said, it’s 100% valid to question your current agency’s processes based on what you know. From what you’ve learned at your last company, what knowledge can you offer to your new environment? Are there chokeholds and roadblocks that you know could be tackled? Have you seen or enacted strategies to expedite processes and boost productivity? It’s perfectly acceptable to inform constructively and add your 2¢. No agency runs on perfection, and every company deals with its own fair share of growing pains.

At Seer, the worst thing you’ll hear is “Thank you for the suggestion! We tried that and it didn’t work, but please keep the suggestions coming.”

4. Got a question? Ask it! question mark icon

When you’re in a new environment, it’s natural to be inquisitive. Don’t resist the urge to question methods and deliverables. Your question can help you walk away with the clarity you need and may even elevate the conversation to new heights. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much the folks at Seer love questions, even the tough ones that bring even tougher answers.

5. Embrace the cultureseer icon competition

The job switch can get stressful quickly if you don’t take the time to sit back and appreciate your newfound environment. As a newcomer, it can be tempting to take on every task that comes your way but that’s also the fast track to burnout. Before you dive headfirst into a competitive keyword analysis or a technical audit, read up on your agency’s values, grab a coffee with a colleague, and ask everyone everything you want to learn. Getting acclimated to Seer’s innovative culture set the tone for my experience and has instilled value into my work.

Excited for the next step in your journey?

As you’re transitioning jobs make sure you’re stepping into your new agency with the right mindset. Be open and inquisitive, and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.

If you’re not quite mid-transition but curious about making the switch, visit our Careers page because we’re hiring across all departments and levels. We’re excited to meet you!

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