Three Essential SEMrush Features for SEO

The Top 3 SEMrush Features We Use All The Time

While there are many sites that we at Seer keep bookmarked for constant use, one of our favorites definitely has to be SEMrush. When it comes to getting a gut-check on your site and on your competitors’ site - its many features provide a well-rounded view of both.

If we had to pick three of our favorite and most-used features from SEMrush, we’d have to go with:

  1. Keyword Magic Tool
  2. SERP Feature Filter
  3. Keyword Gap Tool

Keyword Magic Tool

The Keyword Magic Tool from SEMrush is very aptly named. When it comes to doing keyword research, there are dozens of sources you can use, but few are as helpful or well organized as this one - especially when you’re just starting your keyword research and aren’t quite sure where to narrow it down.

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This tool is simple in that you simply enter a base keyword and SEMrush finds relevant keywords to that topic. It breaks them down by qualifier, and lets you drill down further and further until you get some pretty long-tail keywords. It also pulls things like MSV, trend data so you can see the individual keywords’ seasonality, and other helpful information like CPC and the number of SERP features each keyword triggers.

SERP Feature Filter

Featured snippets, local packs, and reviews - oh my! This feature is really helpful for a number of scenarios. Recently implemented review schema? Use the SERP Feature Filter to check and see if it’s showing up in SERPs. Seeing a spike or drop in traffic and aren’t sure why? Use the SERP Feature Filter to see if you gained or lost an answer box.

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This was especially helpful with the recent BERT update, as we were able to help diagnose fluctuations in organic traffic and tie them back to changes with Featured Snippets for many of our clients.

Keyword Gap Tool

Want to quickly understand the keywords you and your competitors all have in common? Or figure out where your competitors are targeting keywords you’re not? The Keyword Gap Tool is just the ticket.

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You’re able to compare up to 5 domains at a time, and see common keywords, unique keywords, unique keywords to the first domain’s keywords, and then a total view of all keywords. Once you’ve selected the competitors and range of keywords you want to see, you’re then able to drill into each of the keywords and filter data by metrics like specific keyword, position, MSV, and more.

But Wait..There’s More!

SEMrush is a great service with tons of helpful features that we don’t have the space to fit here, so we highly encourage you to check it out on your own and play around with all the different tools!

Already love SEMrush? Let us know in the comments what YOUR favorite features are!

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Katherine Pietrangelo
Katherine Pietrangelo
Sr. Associate, SEO