10 books you should read to save your SEO JOB

Not too long ago the SEO community was set ablaze when shoemoney said SEO has no future, and I agree to some extent - Graywolf already covered that people still don't follow the basics, and a few other major reasons why SEO DOES HAVE A FUTURE which I agree with 100%, but won't re-hash he covered that well. The argument that is still NOT being talked about is the fact that shoemoney was somewhat right, that led me too this post!

Hey I LOVE SEO, I think you all know that. Fortunately I also LOVE marketing. As a result I read a LOT of marketing books. I recently got thinking...that SEO today really requires a lot of MARKETING savvy, not as much TECH savvy. I spoke about this in a recent presentation at the Affiliate Summit (yes I'll be speaking in Boston!) where I walked the audience through the progression of SEO from needing tech savvy (1998) to marketing savvy (2003) - You can see the slides here:

What I was trying to illustrate back 4 months ago was that yes, SEO, as we know it is dying for some types of SEOs. For most of those SEO's who have relied on TECH instead of MARKETING are going to really feel the pain when they can't understand how to create things of value, that people want, fill a need, have a chance to go viral, CONVERT, is trackable, is easy to use, and respects people's privacy.

Here are the 10 books I think you should be reading to be a good SEO:

• Meatball Sundae • Selling the Invisible • Don't make me think • Wikinomics • The Tipping point • Microtrends • Call to action • Web analytics an hour per day • SuperCrunchers • Groundswell

Please let me know of others!

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Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
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