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Artificial Intelligence Services

You agree that Seer may use artificial intelligence services ("AI Services") to generate work product that may be used, in whole or in part, in deliverables in connection with providing our services to you (the "AI Materials"). By providing your consent for Seer to use the AI Service in connection with creating the AI Materials, you understand and acknowledge that you are giving Seer permission to use your Confidential Information shared with Seer Interactive, including but not limited to Google Ads data, Microsoft Ads data, Paid Social Ads data, Website Analytics data, Google Search Console data, and Account Communication (Basecamp Messages, Call Summaries), as inputs to AI Services. Seer will transfer its rights in any AI Materials to you to the extent possible. You acknowledge and understand that you may not be able to copyright or otherwise assert exclusive rights to the AI Materials. Any data shared with Seer will be handled with the same care and protection it uses to protect its own confidential information. Notwithstanding Seer’s commitment to data privacy and security, Seer does not warrant that (i) your ownership of AI Materials will be free of third-party claims, or (ii) that AI Services and AI Materials do not infringe third-party intellectual property rights. Nothing herein shall be interpreted to mean that Seer shall no longer be obligated to protect your confidential information that has been used for the AI Services, only that Seer cannot be held liable for any disclosure or use of your confidential information as a result of it being inputted into the AI Services. Seer makes no representations or warranties with respect to the AI Services. By agreeing to allow your Confidential Information to be used by Seer for the AI Services, you assume all associated risks of use.


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