Can Psychics Predict the Super Bowl?

At SEER, we manage a few PPC campaigns for an online psychic business. We had noticed a spike in new paid member sign-ups over the weekends during the fall of 2013 and wanted to investigate a bit more for new ideas. Looking at our conversion data month-over-month by city, we saw that Las Vegas had […]

Google+: Looking Behind the Scenes of Profiles and Posts

I love Google+. In addition to using it for content discovery, this rapidly growing social network is an incredible tool for micro blogging,  networking and relationship building. While Google+ can effectively be used as a micro blogging platform, it lacks many of the features that give blog owners using a CMS more control of the […]

How to Submit Your Site to Google News

In the world of SEO, making Google web results a primary focus and priority is standard, however, if your site or blog is consistently publishing relevant content relating to current events, you may be able to expand your reach. If your site already produces high-quality, relevant and newsworthy content, you should be in Google News […]

A Few Types of Bad Websites to Qualify for Link Removal

Having gone through the process of conducting a backlink analysis due to a client’s manual penalty, and ultimately proceeding with link removal, I have become more aware of how to quickly qualify and determine what type of websites are “bad” for linking.  In the beginning process of this however, it was sometimes tough to determine […]

5 New Google Analytics Insights to Grow Your Business

Here’s your summary of what happened over at Google Analytics in March, and how you can take advantage of these developments. Boost Your Team’s GA Skills! Tuesday, March 4, 2014 The Gist: Google was proud to announce another Analytics Academy course called “Google Analytics Platform Principles”. This free program was part of an ever-growing offering of […]

#SEERQandA Recap: “I’m Stuck! SEO Questions”

SEER Interactive is a growing team of 70+ SEO, PPC, and Analytics associates. With all that talent and creativity brewing from coast to coast, it only seemed right that we share some of our knowledge with others. In an attempt to answer the world’s questions about digital marketing, Wil Reynolds and the SEER Interactive team […]

Inside SEER: Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Every Digital Marketer

I hate mice. Yes, mice. I know, a very bold statement to start with. Hate is a very strong word, but if there’s one thing that I hate, it’s mice. I hate the real kind (“Mus musculus” -  doesn’t that just sound terrible?) and the kind attached to a computer. The reason I’m so against mice, particularly […]

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