What Content Do I Publish & When Do I Publish It?

It’s a simple but sometimes difficult question to answer and is asked by many. From mom-and-pop small business owners to CMOs of Fortune 25 companies. We’re going to explore a few data-driven ways to arrive to the answer the question: what do I publish and when? We analyzed over half a million data points from […]

Breaking AdWords Announcements – A Renewed Focus on Users

The team at AdWords had been teasing about a huge update on 4/22 for better part of a month. Unlike Enhanced Campaigns, minimal  information was provided ahead of time to agencies. 4/22 at 9AM PST has come and gone. The dust has settled. The twittersphere has snarked. So what happened? TL:DR: Keep old toys (for […]

The Worst Times to Do Outreach

We’ve all heard the old adage, “timing is everything”– and when it comes to outreach, it’s definitely true. Being strategic about when you send your email can have as big an impact on the success or failure of your campaign as the content of your message, because if nobody reads it, your message doesn’t really […]

STOP Trying to Predict & Track Rankings Impact on Revenue

SEER recently lost a big opportunity, and not because the client didn’t think we were the best match. It was because the agencies we went up against were comfortable giving this client predictions on a newly launched site (as in no data in GA yet.) Call after call, I tried to explain why predicting ranking […]

Tested: Google +Post Ads – Turning your Google+ Posts Into Interactive Display Ads

Google rolled out a new display ad variation for eligible advertisers (requirements can be found here) called +Post Ads. This new ad variation allows you to take a post from your Google+ page and turn it into an engagement ad to show throughout the Google Display Network. We were lucky enough to get one of […]

10 Things to Know About Migrating to Universal Analytics

April has been a fun month for those of us in Google Analytics. Universal Analytics is out of beta and now that it’s fully featured, you should be planning your migration. Here’s 10 things you should know about migrating to Universal Analytics. You don’t have to switch immediately – even if you’re automigrated Your current […]

Can Psychics Predict the Super Bowl?

At SEER, we manage a few PPC campaigns for an online psychic business. We had noticed a spike in new paid member sign-ups over the weekends during the fall of 2013 and wanted to investigate a bit more for new ideas. Looking at our conversion data month-over-month by city, we saw that Las Vegas had […]

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