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  • Increase brand visibility
  • Increase leads
  • Expand clientele to include smaller-to-mid-level companies in the IT sector


  • Increased leads by 73%
  • Stayed well below the Cost-per-Lead (CPL) goal established at outset of campaign

Background – A Strong Product Deserves a Strong Online Presence

ServiceNow is a dynamic, award-winning provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. Initially, ServiceNow attempted to bolster their online visibility both independently and with another Paid Search provider, but weren’t receiving the results they aspired for. It was then that ServiceNow approached SEER Interactive to determine if they could help to increase the amount of leads that they were able to generate, but at a profitable cost. Although they had previously set out to work with another Paid Search agency, ServiceNow still sought to further improve their results and came to SEER in hopes that a solution could be found.

ServiceNow has been in business since 2003, and they offer a user-friendly service that utilizes the latest technology. Despite this, they had yet to retain the search visibility of their competitors. The customer base of ServiceNow consists primarily of large, Global 2000 companies, but one of their objectives was to expand their clientele so as to include smaller, mid-level companies in the IT sector specific to the areas of Service Desk and Help Desk SaaS solutions. In order to maximize their conversions, ServiceNow needed to become visible on the radar of prospective clients.

In addition, ServiceNow was in need of a dedicated team who would ensure that their conversions were being tracked properly and would confirm that accurate, analytical decisions were being made that could, in turn, take their company to the next level.

Keeping a Watchful Eye

In order to assess the specific needs of ServiceNow, SEER conducted an in-depth discovery that consisted of reviewing their current campaigns. This provided a competitive analysis that helped to discern what sets them apart from others in their field.

With the help of Google AdWords and Google Analytics for tracking, ServiceNow noted that both recorded and live webinars with a focus on product functionality and demonstrations were very successful in lead generation. Upon the conclusion of an in-depth audit of ServiceNow’s AdWords and Analytics Conversion tracking, SEER uncovered and resolved tracking issues that had resulted in inaccurate information, especially with regards to their cost per lead (CPL.)

Branded to Succeed: More Than Just PPC

SEER delved into ServiceNow’s goals and refined a cost-effective strategy that would align with those goals: lower CPL and increase leads overall. Throughout the duration of the campaign, SEER continued to conduct keyword research with ServiceNow’s target audiences in mind when creating engaging and relevant landing pages. By regularly testing both ad copy and landing pages, SEER was able to generate more leads by using a data-centric approach to successful performance enhancements.

SEER recommended that ServiceNow employ the use of a combination of their existing whitepapers, case studies, videos, webinars, as this would offer a more comprehensive picture of their conversions and offer greater support to customers at various points of the sales cycle. ServiceNow’s gated whitepapers and downloadable, free information kits provided a vehicle for call to action and the tracking of conversions.

SEER also discovered that ServiceNow’s traffic had a tendency to spike when the newsletter was distributed. These newsletters became the impetus to offer a more comprehensive Search Marketing package that branched out beyond the borders of PPC and incorporated an introductory brand strategy. This ensured that specific keywords and marketing messages were being used throughout ServiceNow’s online and offline content, providing greater consistency and brand identity.

Switching Streams

With the observation of industry trends and completion of daily optimizations on the account, SEER was able to reallocate funds based on best-performing campaigns – particularly, those that best resonated with target audiences. With the use of our testing curriculum, SEER was able to refine strategies regularly and locate more cost-efficient leads.

After the strategy had been refined, SEER increased efforts to exploit available traffic sources via new search engines, international expansions, and new IT service solutions. This allowed for the expansion of the program (and market share), all while maintaining CPLs below set goals.


ServiceNow reaped the benefits brought forth by SEER’s tailor-made PPC strategy and received a boost in conversions that increased steadily while remaining far below the CPL goal. Subsequent to seeing positive results year in and year out, ServiceNow decided to invest a greater deal of their budget into PPC marketing with SEER.

“If you are a looking for a PPC partner to drive you with data and convince you with results, you need to look no further than SEER.” – Matt Metten, Sr. Digital Experience Manager, ServiceNow



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