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It’s important to build relevant external links, and it’s essential to architect the right kinds of internal links. But it’s our links to other human beings that allow us to take our clients’ SEO campaigns from adequate to extraordinary.

Our passion for the personal is what tells us that the right pair of socks…or handwritten note…or follow up phone call will cause bloggers, influencers, and industry experts to move our clients to the top of their lists. Taking our work personally is what drives us to stay late maximizing the effectiveness of our clients’ site architecture. And it’s the personal link we have with each and every human being we work with that makes their successes feel like our own.

From The Case Files

Transit Systems, Inc. (TSI) is a moving and shipping company that provides nationwide services to small business and individuals through its own agents and national carriers. While the company is more than 20 years old, it was bought over 10 years ago by Chris Smith, who began focusing heavily on TSI’s online presence. Until coming in contact with SEER, Chris had always been unhappy with Search Engine Optimization firms. We quickly set out to change that.

Our personal relationship with TSI and Chris has garnered spectacular results. With the CEO regularly sitting in our creative meetings, we get to know the business inside and out and regularly experience the kind of insight that can only come from collaboration. It’s no accident that TSI has become the #1 ranked website for its industry’s most essential search terms.

“With SEER, we have been able to maintain or improve to first page position – often top of first page position – on dozens of important keywords. Our involvement with SEER has been more than worth it to our bottom line.

SEO is one of those areas that draws ‘experts’ who are anything but. Often they ‘guarantee’ top keyword position. SEER is different in three important ways.

One… they build realistic expectations by clearly explaining the challenges involved and their approach to meeting those challenges;

Two… they excel at both the brainstorming for ideas and the daily, grind-it-out work that SEO success demands, while keeping the client informed and involved and;

Three… they ultimately deliver.” - Chris Smith, President/CEO Transit Systems, Inc.

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