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Should a Motorcycle Company Have Links on a French Cheese Shop’s Website?

It’s amazing how many SEO firms work to get links to their clients’ websites on as many different kinds of pages as possible. Low-reputation online directories. Unrelated industries. Random affiliate sites.

Some so-called experts believe that the more places that link to your site, the better – regardless of quality or relevance. We see things very differently.

The people who design and run search engines work every day to make sure companies that use “spammy” unrelated links have a hard time showing up in search results. In fact, last year alone Google made 500+ tweaks to their ranking algorithm for this very purpose.

Luckily SEER has a better solution. We build our clients’ links one relationship at a time.

From The Case Files

RevZilla is a web-based company that sells motorcycle gear and parts. What sets it apart from many of its competitors is that it was created by riding enthusiasts. As a result, RevZilla consistently provides devoted personal support to its customers.

The company approached SEER to improve its ranking for relevant search terms in order to increase its sales performance. Our job was to make sure that whenever bikers were searching online for products to buy, RevZilla was the site they ended up on.

Is Online Domination Worth a $30 Pair of Socks?

We began by asking RevZilla to fill out our in-depth “Initial Linking Survey” and followed up by having extensive discussions with their staff. Through this process, we learned how RevZilla and its customers think, who they know, and what makes them unique.

That’s how we came across the socks.

“We work with SEER because they understand how important the overall customer experience is to our brand. They also understand that links are more than just a quick-win rankings bump. SEER helps drive traffic to our site largely in part through valued, long-term link acquisitions that not only help maintain rankings but build partnerships within the motorcycle community.” - Anthony Bucci, Co-Founder, Revzilla

We found a popular blogger with a large following in the motorsports community who mentioned that she needed a pair of riding socks to go with her boots. After getting RevZilla’s recommendation on the perfect brand, we sent her the socks, free of charge. The blogger was so impressed that she not only added a prominent link to RevZilla on her site but sang the company’s praises to her many fans.

And that’s just one example.

Since RevZilla began working with SEER, the site’s organic search traffic for terms other than those related to the company’s brand name rose 63% year over year. Authentic external link building has made RevZilla one of the most popular motorsports product vendors on the Web.

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