JCPenny Optical: 285% Increase Conversions from PPC

Boosting Conversions & Online Exposure with Google Advertising


JCPenney Optical and partner, US Vision, reached out to Seer Interactive with hopes to increase in-store sales and brand awareness. The Seer team developed a strategy to reach a broad audience that included running Lightbox Ads and YouTube TrueView ads across the Google Display Network. Seer’s efforts resulted in an 830% increase in online exposure and a 285% rise in conversions.

The following content is an excerpt of Google’s “JCPenney Optical Boosts In-Store Traffic and Brand Exposure With Google Advertising” Case Study. For the full case study, visit Think with Google.


  • Drive foot traffic and in-store sales
  • Extend reach and awareness of the JCPenney Optical brand


  • Shifted traditional budgets to digital for its first online branding campaign
  • Provided greater search exposure on desktop and mobile
  • Tested Engagement Ads to bring its offline catalogs online
  • Ran targeting advertising across the Google Display Network using interest-based targeting
  • Ran YouTube TrueView ads to broaden reach and engagement


  • 830% more online exposure
  • 8x jump in use of store locators
  • 649.5% lift in store locators on mobile
  • 285% rise in conversions
  • Greater foot traffic to JCPenney stores


Excerpt taken from: Google; “JCPenney Optical Boosts In-Store Traffic and Brand Exposure With Google Advertising;” Think With Google; ; Nov 2014.