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  • Reverse negative Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Translate “click-throughs” to paid enrollments
  • Reach correct target market through SEM


  • Conversions increased 340%
  • Consistent decrease of Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Background – Life Changing Decision, Life Changing Technology

The decision to participate in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program can be a sensitive one. Many people who choose to seek help feel uncomfortable relying on word of mouth to find the right facility. For this reason, the discretion afforded by the Internet makes it the perfect medium to reach those who need treatment for their addictions. Our Drug Treatment Client had used Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the past but had not gotten the results they had hoped for. The organization decided to retain the services of a marketing firm that concentrated exclusively on online search campaigns. In line with their forward thinking philosophy, their management felt that in order for their SEM campaign to succeed, a variety of approaches and ideas needed to be tried. The organization wanted to find a marketing firm that was comfortable with this approach. They were also looking for a firm known for providing outstanding customer service and one that would work well with their other vendors. Based on a referral from their design firm, they selected SEER Interactive to lead its SEM campaign.

A New Strategy

The first step that SEER took was to launch an in-depth research and discovery process. This initial phase included an extensive questionnaire, followed by a lengthy “kick-off” meeting, which allowed SEER to gain a complete understanding of the client’s background, history and market space from a variety of angles. SEER then used this knowledge to develop a strong paid search campaign to drive superior performance. For example, SEER learned that due to their uniquely effective approach to treatment, the organization charged a premium for enrollment in the program. SEER also discovered that potential patients of substance abuse rehabilitation programs often prefer to stay close to home rather than travel even a few states away for treatment, regardless of the potential benefits. With these facts in mind, SEER developed campaigns that targeted affluent areas rather than focusing on broader geographical regions or the web as a whole. As a result, SEER ensured that people with the means to afford the programs saw the centers’ ads when they conducted relevant searches. Furthermore, SEER bid higher for terms in regions within a certain radius of the brick-and-mortar facilities and lower (or sometimes not at all) in areas they deemed to be too remote.

SEER also made sure that the company’s web presence was suitable to capitalize on the optimization of the Search Engine Marketing. Working with the clients design team, SEER ensured that conversion-focused landing pages with strong calls to action were created, which drove prospects directly to an application form. Six months after the start of the project, the client launched a full website design, consulting with SEER throughout the process.

CPA vs Form Conversions

The Right Markets for the Best Results

From the first month that SEER took over the SEM campaigns, the program’s conversion rate increased substantially and has been growing ever since. Due to the combination of a marketing program aimed at highly qualified prospects, geographical targeting, and improved landing pages and web functionality, the people (or family or friends) who viewed and clicked on an ad turned into paid enrollments at a much higher rate than had ever been the case before. As of September 2010, there had been a 340% increase in conversions. At the same time, overall Cost per Acquisition (CPA) has decreased by 15%.

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