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Here are a few tales of triumph to give you an inside look into how we make search marketing magic. Click on any of the examples below to see for yourself the ways in which our associates have confronted clients’ challenges with their unique blend of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Featured Case Studies:

Due to the combination of a marketing program aimed at highly qualified prospects, geographical targeting, and improved landing pages and web functionality, the people who viewed and clicked on an ad turned into paid enrollments at a much higher rate than had ever been the case before.

Learn More: Healthcare PPC Case Study

The improvement in conversions was 433%. With the increase in conversion, there was also a decrease in cost-per acquisition of more than 80%. All of Wisdom Tree’s traffic now goes to the “winning” landing page.

Learn More: Finance PPC Case Study

Eye Care
“[SEER] does a phenomenal job…Their follow through is unlike anything I’ve ever seen with any marketing or advertising group I’ve ever worked with…It blew us out of the water.”

Learn More: Eye Care SEO Case Study

Your customers are searching for your brand, but they want to save money on their purchase.

Learn More: E-Commerce Case Study

As a testament to the campaign’s success, the client has consistently allocated additional marketing dollars to Paid Search, allowing SEER to develop, test, and enact a wide range of additional new approaches.

Learn More: Education PPC Case Study

B2B Software
With sophisticated buyers and a long sales cycle, Sparta Systems chose SEER to increase online search visibility and brand awareness to support buyers all along the sales funnel.

Learn More: B2B Software SEO Case Study

SEER Linkbuilding
To successfully grow a client’s web presence and business, SEER deploys three key strategic linking elements. What makes the approach different is that while each tactic is useful, it’s the combination of all three that contains real power.

Learn More: SEER Linkbuilding Case Study

“If you are a looking for a PPC partner to drive you with data and convince you with results, you need to look no further than SEER.”

Learn More: IT SaaS Case Study

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