• Jason Nelson

    Thanks for this tip Ben. Sounds like a great tool. Time to go test it out :)

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    Great information. I’ll have to test this out! Thanks for sharing with the SEO community!

  • Benjamin Beck

    Sure thing Jim, Glad to share.

  • Benjamin Beck

    Your welcome! Let me know if you find any other great tips on using it.

  • Tom – FIMS

    Many thanks, SEO community never stops giving!!

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    It’s quick, it’s actionable, it’s helpful. I like it.

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    nice it

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    Well this tool is really amazing. I’ll surely use this for my seo strategy =) Thank you!

  • Benjamin Beck

    You are welcome! Let me know if you find any more uses for it.

  • Benjamin Beck

    You’re Welcome Tom!

    That is why I love the SEO community, everyone is always helping each other out. I’m glad you found this helpful.

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    seems like a nice tool, I always used the related tag in google, will give this one a try. ty :)

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    awesome tool for searches new websites. thanks for post.

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    it looks like a good tool, i will try it

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    ouch, 404 error from link on image on this page.

  • Ryan Markham

    Thanks Ben… Pinterest for men? The guys at work are always checking out Check it out! I showed this tool in a link building presentation I gave this morning. Also used it today for some competitive research.

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    Thanks for providing this tool, i ll be using it rite now.